Houndstooth Blankets

If you're looking for the perfect houndstooth blanket or throw, make Lands' End your one-stop shop. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can't go wrong with one of our quality blankets. After all, when it comes to blankets and throws, you shouldn't have to compromise on comfort and softness — and at Lands' End, you don't have to.

No matter the season, a houndstooth patterned blanket can help you cozy up on your couch for a night in. Not only that, but they also provide you with the extra warmth you need on a chilly morning, afternoon, or night. You can even grab a few throw blankets and pass them around the campfire or use them to bundle up indoors for a relaxing night watching a good movie.

If you're looking for stylish houndstooth throws, the selection from Lands' End delivers. Our houndstooth blankets come in a variety of colored patterns, ensuring you find one to fit your personal style and your home's decor. These patterned blankets and throws are perfect for adding a pop of color or a splash of style to your living room, bedroom, or kid's room. Drape a houndstooth blanket over the arm of your couch, over a chair, or even at the foot of your bed. A beautiful blanket from Lands' End could be the finishing touch your home decor needs to feel complete.

Made from quality materials that prevent unraveling, our houndstooth blankets are built to last. Not only that, but they provide optimal comfort given their cashmere-like texture that adds an air of luxury. As opposed to real cashmere that you can't wash, you can easily throw our Cashtouch houndstooth blankets in the washing machine with the rest of your bedding. As an added bonus, our blankets don't pick up static and cling from the dryer.

Once you've purchased one of our houndstooth blankets or throws, pair it any of our loungewear pieces for the ultimate night in. Shop Lands' End today for the perfect houndstooth blanket for your home.