Holiday Home Decor

Buy Holiday Home Decor at Lands' End

Buy Holiday Home Decor at Lands' End

Time to decorate for the holidays? You'll want to check out the collection of holiday decor at Lands' End when you're getting your home ready for the season. Our selection of Christmas home decor includes all those special touches that make the holiday season memorable. From holiday throw pillows that add a little spirit to any room to non-iron napkins that take the stress out of preparing for an elegant meal, you'll find everything you need right here.

You've got the whole family in matching Christmas pajamas. Now it's time to complete the picture with Christmas pillows. The Lands' End collection has all the holiday pillows you could want, so have fun decorating everything from bedrooms to living room couches and beyond.

Tuck your Christmas throw pillows on a couch or chair in front of the TV or fireplace, then snuggle with the kids under fleece blankets while watching your favorite holiday movie or getting ready to open presents. A hooked decorative pillow adds the perfect touch to any setting. And our Christmas pillowcases let you dress up the pillows in every bedroom to get the entire family into the holiday spirit!

Of course, our holiday collection goes far beyond just pillows. You'll find candle tins, no-iron cloth napkins, and more in this selection of decor. Get cozy in a long cardigan sweater, then start decorating your home for the holiday season. A glass candle adds an elegant touch to any room, while a ceramic flower candle holder brings even more sophistication.

Take the stress out of your holiday meal when you set the table with a no-iron tablecloth, then add a geo ceramic candle as your centerpiece. However you choose to decorate this holiday season, the Lands' End collection has everything you need to make your home welcoming for the holidays.

Just like you depend on our clothing and bedding for quality, you can rest easy knowing that the holiday decor you get from Lands' End will last for years to come. You can always shop with confidence here, and our holiday collection is no exception. Have fun getting in the holiday spirit when you spend time with the family decorating your house. You'll create memories to last a lifetime, whether you're celebrating this year just with your core group or you're inviting many friends and family members over for a big gathering. Shop Lands' End for holiday home decor today.