Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah Décor and Gifts

Hanukkah Décor and Gifts

Hanukkah Gifts

When do you give Hanukkah gifts?

Giving gifts for Hanukkah was not an original tradition; however, some people now choose to give gifts. As it’s not a tradition for everyone, the practice can vary, such as giving a gift on the first night or giving one every night. 

But everyone is different and might practice different gift-giving traditions when it comes to Hanukkah. The best way to know when to give gifts for Hanukkah is to ask your hosts or the people you will be spending the holiday with.

What are good gifts to give for Hanukkah?

The best gifts to give for Hanukkah are thoughtful and personal gifts. For example, monogrammed gifts are a great way to create a personal item for someone. Or, gifts for your host’s home can be thoughtful and, a lot of times, can be personalized. Lands’ End offers monogramming, embroidery, heat stamps, and engraving on select products.

Other Hanukkah gift ideas that are perfect are gourmet food and candy, and gift baskets. Depending on the recipient, you might need to look for Kosher options.

How many gifts do you give for Hanukkah?

The number of gifts you give for Hanukkah will depend on how you and your friends and family celebrate the holiday. Some people might choose to give one big gift or several small gifts each night. 

The best way to know how many gifts you should give is to ask your friends and family how they typically choose to celebrate the holiday.

How long will it take for my gifts for Hanukkah to arrive?

Standard shipping in the U.S. takes 4-10 business days to arrive. If you need your gifts sooner, we offer expedited and express shipping for an additional charge. 

Personalized orders with monogramming, engraving, or hemming can take up to an additional  1-4 business days, while embroidery can add 3-5 business days. 

For more shipping information for purchases outside the U.S., see our shipping rates and delivery times.

How does the Hanukkah gift customization process at Lands’ End work?

We offer personalization on many of our products. For example, you can monogram from a single letter to a word on products like our clothing. Or, you can select from different embroidery designs. For some of our products, you can choose both monogram and embroidery customizations!

We also offer heat stamps or engraving on select products. To find which options are available, check the “Make it Personal” link on the product’s page. Personalization can add 1-4 business days to expected delivery times for orders with monogramming, engraving, or hemming.