Bookbags for Girls

Girls Bookbags and Backpacks

Girls Bookbags and Backpacks

When girls have the appropriate accessories that facilitate learning, they can look forward to the school year and feel well-equipped along with their peers. Get started now and find school gear that's both practical and stylish.

Our bookbags for girls feature bright colors, plus durable fabrics and straps. Find them in several sizes to meet your youngster's needs. Whether she wants a patterned backpack or one made with a cheerful hue, we have both options available.

There's a reinforced, loop-type handle on top, which works well for grabbing the bag when it's stashed under a bus seat. Then, of course, there are the main back straps, which are adjustable and well-padded. While you're buying backpacks, consider buying some girls' flannel shirts, as well. The versatile garments will keep her looking great all through the school year, plus during her weekend downtime with friends.

It's also possible to get our bookbags for girls monogrammed with initials or embroidered with a name. That's especially helpful for making sure you grab the right one when there's a bunch of bags in the same place, such as in the bag check room of a museum during a school trip. After all, there's bound to be classmates with the same bags or similar ones, and the personalization offers a characteristic that not only helps the owner choose the right one, but also identify it if the bag gets misplaced.

If you're buying one our book bags for a gift, consider getting the monogramming or embroidery done as a personal and thoughtful touch. You could also combine your present with something else, like a kids' Christmas pajamas set.

As soon as you invest in at least one of our girls book bags, it'll be clear that we focused on the small but all-important details to create products that meet users' needs. For example, you can find options with handy loops that are great for using to attach a lunch box.

There are also bags with mesh pockets to accommodate a water bottle. What easier way to remind your child to stay well hydrated during soccer practice or another strenuous activity? Plus, the zippered front pocket on the bags is ideal for storing important, smaller items that could become buried in the main zippered compartment.

Check out our wide assortment of girls backpacks today. They're great for ages four and up. You'll also appreciate how the bags are made to last, making them smart purchases that help kids carry all their textbooks and other school essentials.