Girls' Bags

Girls' Crossbody Bag, Girls Crossbody Purse, Girl's Bags

Girls' Crossbody Bag, Girls Crossbody Purse, Girl's Bags

Shop our collection of girls' bags at Lands' End to find the perfect bag for the girl in your life, from a girls crossbody bag or girls crossbody purse to a dressy scalloped purse or practical cinch bag. We have them all at Lands' End!

To complement your child's everyday school backpack, she may need a lightweight cinch bag or drawstring bag from our selection of Girl's bags. Her drawstring bag may be just right for toting her activewear to tennis practice or a change of clothes for a sleepover. Our cinch bag offers a practical, lightweight and hands-free solution for transporting small necessities. In this same vein, we have durable canvas totes or kids crossbody bags. She can pick and choose the best bag based on her size and what her needs are.

Girl's bags include the latest in girls crossbody bag styles, from a crossbody scalloped purse with a hint of sophistication that older girls will love to adorable little girl crossbody purse styles featuring animals and bright graphics. A girls crossbody bag is an ideal option for a girl just beginning to carry a purse because a girls crossbody purse is less likely to be dropped or left behind.

Shop Lands' End to find a kids crossbody bag or girls crossbody purse just right for your child. From a grown-up scalloped purse to a fun little girl crossbody purse, we have terrific Girl's bags for all the girls in your life. Find a practical drawstring cinch bag, a preppy tote or a fashion-forward girls crossbody bag! As always, shop with confidence at Lands' End, because all of our Girl's bags are Guaranteed. Period®. If you and your child are not delighted with her new girls crossbody bag or drawstring bag, you can return it for a refund or exchange at any time, for any reason. Thanks for shopping Lands' End!