Baby Girl Yellow Coats

Toddler Girl Yellow Jackets

Toddler Girl Yellow Jackets

Little girls are the sunshine of our lives, so why not dress them like it? A baby girl yellow coat can help your toddler girl shine even on the gloomiest gray days.

Our toddler yellow jackets are bold and cheerful, providing a pop of color that should make her and everyone around her smile. They're also incredibly safe. Our striking Atlas Yellow color stands out on overcast winter days, ensuring you can easily spot your little one at a glance. As an extra safety measure, we've added reflective piping. That makes these coats ideal for toddling girls who are prone to wandering off to practice their new walking skills!

They have a summery color, but our yellow toddler coats are made for cold conditions. Your toddler will love the thick lining, which traps heat inside and insulates her body against the cold. On the outside, these coats are waterproof and windproof, ensuring she'll stay dry when she's outdoors enjoying the snow. Just make sure you zip up the front before she steps out to play to give your toddler girl yellow jacket its full protective properties.

The coats in our cute yellow jacket toddler girls' range also have zippered pockets. These secure spaces are perfect for safely storing her girls' gloves or mittens, tissues for her sniffles, and any precious treasures she finds while she's exploring with loved ones.

You needn't worry about her coat looking worn quickly. Our coats are made tough enough to survive regular machine washing with her toddler girls' sweaters and toddler girls’ pants. We also use anti-pilling fabric to make sure they don't prematurely show their age. Dry hers out of the sun and it should maintain its vibrant yellow color for years to come.

Shop with Lands' End to find a toddler girl yellow zipper jacket that fits your little angel just right. With a wide range of toddler sizes, our yellow jackets will grow with her until she's ready to transition to the Lands' End girls' jacket collection.