Toddler Skirts & Skorts

Toddler Skirts & Toddler Skorts

Toddler Skirts & Toddler Skorts

Lands' End has back-to-school toddler skirts which also look great for a picnic out with the family or a birthday party with friends. Your girl can choose which color she wants and she will adore the comfortable feel of the skirt. We also offer skorts, which are skirts with a short under them, so your girl can comfortably do a cartwheel or two if she feels like it.

Toddler skorts come with pockets so your little girl can stash her stuff in them. The soft and fully elastic waistband provides gentle support, so she won't feel any pressure or discomfort around her waist. Made from 100% cotton and in cool colors like sea navy, rose, and purple grape, these toddler girl skirts are cute bottoms to wear. There are also cool designs like stripes, triangles, and paper planes.

Lands' End carries a knee-length toddler white skirt with cool beach-inspired designs like palm trees, flowers, and sunglasses. These skorts for toddlers pair well with toddler girls' polos and ballet flats for girls. Skorts match well with almost any top so they are a great summer style to wear.

Your little girl can choose the skirt that matches her tastes so she will love to wear it over and over. The skorts were made to be comfortable and to let her feel free to move around with the hidden shorts. There is no holding back in movement whether she is at school or at a birthday party. A toddler black skirt or a toddler red skirt, it is her choice between her favorite colors.

If your girl is more into shorts, we also carry cute and comfortable shorts for toddler girls. She can choose whatever she feels more comfortable wearing or what you know she likes wearing. The most important thing is that she feels happy wearing her skorts, skirts, and/or shorts. Shop Lands' End today for toddler skirts and skorts in the styles and colors she'll love.