Girls' Stretch Swimsuits

Comfortable Swimsuits for Girls

Comfortable Swimsuits for Girls

When your daughter heads to the pool this summer, you want her to feel as comfortable as possible. Spending time in the water and the heat can be uncomfortable, unless your child is dressed in a stretchy swimsuit. At Lands' End, we have an excellent selection of high-quality swimwear that is stretchy, cozy, and easy to move in.

At Lands' End, we understand that your little one is active. If your daughter loves to run around on the beach or do cannonballs at the community pool, she needs a swimsuit that can keep up. Discover a comfortable waist stretch swimsuit at Lands' End that moves with your daughter so she doesn't feel confined or restricted.

Many of the swimsuits for sale at Lands' End are safe to wear in the sun. You can find a swimsuit for your daughter made with fabric that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant (for covered areas only). The highest possible protection you can find is UPF 50 for the safest possible sun time.

Not only are the fabric of girls' swimsuits stretchy and safe, but they are also quick drying. If your daughter plans to wear her swimsuit after taking a dip in the water, the fabric of her suit can dry quickly to keep her comfortable. Quick-drying swimsuits also mean you don't have to run them through the dryer after every wear, which extends the swimsuit's lifespan.

A pair of stretchy swimsuit bottoms can make all the difference for your daughter at the beach. Swimming in a pair of ill-fitting bottoms can be uncomfortable and unsafe. To make sure your daughter has the best fit possible, shop our selection of stretchy bottoms at Lands' End. We have sizes for children of all ages, including toddler sizes 2T to 4T, little kid sizes 4 to 7, and big kid sizes 7 to 20.

If you are preparing your family for a summer vacation or spring break getaway, Lands' End can be your one-stop-shop. Discover women's swimwear, men's swim trunks, girls' swimwear, and boys' swim trunks at our store. With our wide variety of sizes and styles, you're sure to find all of your family's must-haves for summer at Lands' End!