Girls' Robes

Girls' Bathrobes

Girls' Bathrobes

What makes the best girls’ robe?

The best robe for your child will not just be one with a cute design or in their favorite color, but it also will have to function the way you need it to. 

If you want to get something truly cozy and comfortable, take a look at our girls' fleece robe. Made of a 100% polyester fleece fabric, this robe is incredibly soft and plush. It's specially designed to provide optimal warmth, comfort, and convenience. Reaching just below the knee, it features a hood for extra warmth, a sewn-in belt that ties easily and won't get lost, and pockets for storing personal items. Additionally, this robe is machine-washable and doesn't require special care to remain in good condition.

Why should I invest in a bathrobe?

A bathrobe has many uses. To start, it is a great layer for your child to throw over their pajamas or loungewear when they’re hanging out at home and want some additional warmth. 

Bathrobes are also great to help absorb excess water after you take a bath.

What kinds of girls’ bathrobes are there? 

Bathrobes can come in different styles and materials. For example, some have hoods for extra warmth. The length of bathrobes can also vary, with some coming down to your knees or to your calves. 

You will also find that bathrobes come in many different materials depending on when you plan on wearing them. If you’re looking to stay warm and cozy, a fleece or flannel robe will be just what you need. But if you’re looking for something to wear when you’ve just hopped out of the bath, then a robe made out of terry or cotton will have the absorbency you’re looking to find.

How can I monogram my daughter’s robe?

To personalize our girl’s robes, check out the ‘Make it Personal’ option. This will show the options you have, such as monogramming a single letter, your child’s initials, or even their nickname onto the chest of the robe. You can pick from a range of colors and several different fonts.

But we don’t stop at monograms. You can also choose from a vast selection of embroidery designs, like hearts, unicorns, or their favorite sport. You can also combine monograms and embroidery to really personalize your robe.

How does the sizing work for girls’ bathrobes?

At Lands’ End, we carry bathrobes in sizes 2-20. For specific measurements, check out our robe size chart, which has the measurement range for each size to help you find the right fit.