Girls' Plus Size Shorts

Plus Size Shorts for Girls

Plus Size Shorts for Girls

Young ladies want to feel their best when they get dressed every day. When you have a girl who has a bigger frame, she will feel great wearing a pair of girls' plus-size shorts. The selection offered at Lands' End feature adorable and practical shorts that she will love to wear throughout the warm summer days and on weekends. We have lots of styles and colors of these cute girls' shorts, so stock up today!

If your young girl enjoys riding her bicycle with her friends, get her a pair of girls' plus-size bike shorts. Not only are they cute, but they are made to fit her just right while she is riding her bike. She won't have any chafing with these special bike shorts, and they look cute with a girls' plus-size T-shirt to keep her cool and dry while she is exercising.

Dress your princess up in a pair of colorful girls' plus-size Bermuda shorts when you are having a fun family backyard party or while she goes to a movie with her friends. She can wear a well-cut girls' polo shirt tucked into the shorts for a sweet look.

Girl's enjoy wearing comfortable pull-on shorts with an elastic waist while playing sports. The waistband is snug enough to help keep the shorts on whether she is jumping, running, or bending over to play with her dog. Have her wear a pair of sturdy girls' sneakers while she is playing so she has plenty of support for her feet and ankles.

Shop Lands' End to find several perfect pairs of girls' plus shorts that she will be proud to wear. Our plus-size shorts are made and designed for the girls who love to dress nicely and look good every day. If you have any questions about sizing, styles, or colors, please feel free to give our friendly customer service representatives a call today. We are always happy to speak with our customers!