Little Girls' Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Little Girls' Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Little Girls' Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Keep your little girl toasty warm and dry after a day of playing in the water with little girls' swimsuit cover-ups. The Lands' End collection of swimsuit cover-ups for little girls include cute terry cloth cover-ups with hoods, terry cloth rompers, and little jogger pants. All of our young girls' cover-ups fit naturally over little girls' bathing suits, whether they're one-piece or two-piece.

After a fun day of playing at the beach, slip a cute long-sleeve hooded terry cloth cover-up over her bathing suit to help keep her dry and warm. You can pull the hood up to help dry her wet hair and keep her head warm, and she can warm her hands in the front pocket. Even when your girl changes out of her wet bathing suit and only has girls' tops and girls' leggings on, the cover-up will help to keep her warm when the breeze picks up.

Cover-ups aren't just for your little girl's upper body, it's important to keep their legs warm and dry as well. Our girl's terry cloth jogger pants are perfect for drying off and warming up. The fabric is super absorbent cotton material, and the pants come with a full elastic waistband and electric cuffs to keep the pants securely on their little bodies. She can even keep a tube of lip balm or a small tube of sunscreen in the inseam functional side pocket.

Our little girl swimsuit cover-ups come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, including short-sleeve rompers, long-sleeve hooded cover-ups, and ones with UPF 50 fabric, so your little girl can wear a different one every day of the week. Terry cloth cover-ups are super absorbent and easy to care for. Simply toss them into the washing machine, dry as per instructions listed on the cover-up, and your little girls' bathing suit cover-ups will last for years. Shop at Lands' End today to find the perfect bathing cover-ups for little girls to add to her swimwear and outerwear collection.