Big Girl (7-20) Outerwear

Outerwear for Big Girls

Outerwear for Big Girls

Big Girl (7-16) Outerwear

Get your middle-schooler ready for fall and winter with big girl outerwear. There’s something for every season and style preference, whether your child prefers a black winter coat or wants something vibrant. Outerwear for big girls comes in sizes to fit all kids, including those that wear a size ranging between 7-16.

When shopping for middle school outerwear for girls, you may want to look for more than one piece. Whether you're shopping for the kids or yourself, fleece jackets are always a stylish and versatile option. Kids' fleece jackets come in lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight options, just like the adult sizes do.

Layer a lightweight fleece jacket under a heavier coat for a girls’ middle school outerwear pairing that’s perfect for fall. If the morning starts off cold, girls can wear both pieces, then take the heavier coat off when it warms up later in the day. Mid-weight fleece is good on its own for fall or layered with other outerwear.

Heavyweight fleece is an option for cold fall and winter days. It, too, can be layered beneath a heavier coat for maximum warmth. There are thick sherpa-lined girls’ hoodies made from super-soft brushed polyester fleece that she’ll never want to take off. A fleece jacket can be worn over a school uniform for girls and come in so many shades that you’re likely to find one that matches your child’s school colors.

Outerwear for Big Girls

If you want girls’ middle school outerwear that provides maximum warmth, choose an insulated parka or another coat style that’s rated Warmest. There are Warm and Warmer ratings, too—so you can find the perfect option for your climate. You’ll even find 3-in-1 pieces for the ultimate in outerwear versatility. They include a warm lining and waterproof shell that protect against wind, rain, and cold.

There are various ways to accessorize outerwear for big girls. Girls’ scarves are a practical fashion accessory; they come in plenty of colors and styles to coordinate with any jacket or coat. Match a warm knit scarf to a beanie and winter gloves for extra protection against the ravages of winter, and don’t forget thick wool socks and girls’ winter boots.

Many of the girls’ middle school outerwear pieces mentioned here can transition into spring. Any mid-weight jacket with a waterproof exterior is a good option. Just like with down coats and fleece, there are plenty of girls’ raincoats from which to choose. Match them to a pair of duck boots to keep your child dry on rainy days. It’s even possible to wear lightweight fleece during the summer, especially if your child is in an air-conditioned environment.