Extra Large Tote Bags

Extra Large Canvas Tote Bags

Extra Large Canvas Tote Bags

Shop extra large canvas tote bags from Lands' End for the most durable, washable, and best canvas tote bags!

There are so many reasons to have extra large tote bags on hand. Those flimsy reusable bags that you may have from giveaways or for free swag are great, but they don't last up in the wash or for multiple uses, which defeats the purpose of having a reusable bag. Keeping a reusable bag not only helps prevent plastic waste from plastic bags, it helps clear away the clutter created those plastic bags, and it's great to take with you on trips to the farmers market, the beach, or use it as an overnight or weekender bag for an impromptu weekend getaway.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with reusable bags is not washing them enough. Bags get dirty, just like clothes, and making sure the extra large tote canvas bags that you purchase are machine washable are important to making sure they stay hygienic and clean for all the things you want to use them for. The best part about Lands' Ends' extra large canvas tote bags, is that they are machine washable and extra durable, so you can feel confident that they will retain their shape wash after wash.

Buying a personalized extra large canvas tote bag is a great personalized Christmas gift , personalized birthday gift, Mother's day gift, or gift for any occasion. Personalizing a custom XL canvas tote bag with the persons name or favorite activity, or even a fun inside joke, is a way for them to think of you every time they grab for that extra large canvas tote. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Shop for Lands' End XL tote bags today!