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Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags, Baby Bags

Every parent and caregiver needs a diaper backpack or bag that's up to the task, and the excellent Lands' End selection of reliable diaper bags provides just what you're looking for! Our diaper bags come in a variety of styles, colors and prints to suit your taste and needs. With external pockets perfect for stashing wipes and supplies for easy access, long handles designed to hang over stroller handles, and mess-resistant internal storage, you'll soon agree that we offer just about the best baby bag available. These cute diaper bags will become your most trusted sidekick.

While some retailers may separate their baby bag selection into diaper bags for girls and diaper bags for boys, we show all of our diaper bags together, and hope that you will select the baby bag or backpack diaper bag that is right for you. Parents and caregivers often forget that a baby bag or diaper backpack is for your convenience and that you will be the one carrying it; select a diaper bag with the features and style that you feel great about carrying. For example, we carry tote diaper bags which offer cleaner lines and a simpler organization system, as well as a backpack diaper bag that may be the perfect choice for you and your needs.

While you're here, check out our diaper clutches, the perfect step down from even a small baby bag or diaper backpack, great for experienced caregivers, short trips or older babies. It allows you to carry just the baby-changing essentials! You may need a classic canvas tote for snow gear, toys and equipment, but a diaper bags stands on its own as an absolute essential for at least the first couple of years of a baby's life.

Imagine what a great present a new diaper bag with a monogrammed baby blanket tucked inside would be? You can wow the parents-to-be with one of our beautiful Scottish lace bear baby blankets and a diaper bag that's sure to last through multiple children. Not only will these gifts fulfill a practical need, but they will be cherished for years to come! And, as a nice extra, what pregnant mom-to-be wouldn't love a pair of comfy fleece lined slippers, perfect for wearing when she has the swollen achy feet of the third trimester and great to slip on for late nights with the little one.