Christmas Tablecloths & Runners

Christmas Tablecloths & Christmas Table Runners

Christmas Tablecloths & Christmas Table Runners

Christmas Table Runners

What is a Christmas feast without a Christmas table runner? Or you may be asking, “why do I need a Christmas runner?” Sure, there are basic decor items like Christmas throw pillows and needlepoint stockings, but why should you include a runner or tablecloth in your holiday decor setup? Allow us to shed some light on what Christmas table runners and Christmas tablecloths can do to elevate your home holiday decor.

As anyone who has experienced the Christmas season knows, it occupies virtually the entire month of December, and the festivities go on for weeks. Between shopping, baking holiday cookies, decorating, and attending holiday parties, there is a whole lot to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas day. So if you plan to host a holiday dinner party, or two or just want to make your dining room more festive for nightly family dinner, a quality Christmas tablecloth or runner is the way to do it.

Once you make the decision to invest in tablecloths for Christmas, the real fun begins. You may only need one high-quality Christmas tablecloth or runner and be set, but there’s no rule that says you can’t have as many runners and tablecloths as you’d like! Having multiple styles to choose from will make hosting holiday parties more fun. A beautiful, vibrant, colorful table runner over an elegant white tablecloth can make your dinner parties that much more stunning and festive.

Christmas Tablecloths

Christmas tablecloths come in all different colors and styles, so there is something for everyone’s unique style preferences. Think of all the print designs you could choose from for a Christmas table runner, ranging from Christmas trees to snowmen to nutcrackers. If you like the rugged Christmas decor look, go for a black and red checkered table runner over a wooden dining room table. If you like something elegant and subtle, try a snowflake print runner.

When it comes to runners and tablecloths, you could just stick with one or the other, or both. There are no rules! Layering a runner over a tablecloth will work so long as both pieces compliment each other nicely. If you have a beautiful dining room table you want to show off, then just stick with a festive runner. If you want to keep your dining room table protected from food and drinks, then a tablecloth is the best way to go.

Making plans for the holiday season? Anticipating a few holiday parties and festive dinner parties? Be prepared to wow your guests with a stunning new Christmas tablecloth or runner. You can find various styles as well as other Christmas decorations at Lands’ End today!