Dog Christmas Pajamas

Matching Christmas Pajamas with Dog and Owner Christmas Outfits

Matching Christmas Pajamas with Dog and Owner Christmas Outfits

Matching Pajamas with Dog and Owner Christmas Pajamas

If you want your special pupper to have dog Christmas pajamas (or dog Christmas sweater outfit like its human owner ) just like any other beloved member of the family, we can help! Eager to include your best four-legged friend in the holiday festivities? Lands’ End offers cute flannel dog bandannas among our collection of Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for the whole family! Matching dog and owner Christmas outfits is nothing new, and we are here to make it even more special at Christmastime.

Matching human and dog Christmas pajamas for all family members is a great way to bring lighthearted fun to the holiday and to let everyone see how much you love your special buddy! Matching pajamas with dog and owner Christmas pajamas can be funny, too, and could make your Christmas photos both charming and memorable; it’s not every day you see matching human and dog pajamas! Matching pet pajamas with dog family members is adorable whether it’s just you and your beloved fur baby or your doggo is one of many well-loved children! Matching family pajamas with dog accessories is a sweet way to include “man’s best friend” in all the things we do to make the holidays special.

Matching pjs for you and your dog, or your child and the family dog, will make photos all the sweeter in years to come. In our family, our daughter shares a very special bond with one of our dogs in particular, and even names him as her best friend. Signify those precious relationships with dog Christmas pjs that coordinate perfectly with holiday sleepwear from Lands’ End. Matching pet pajamas provide highly frameable snapshots that will become treasures.

Dog Christmas pajamas may sound silly to your local Scrooge, but we at Lands’ End encourage you to make your love and your holiday memories as big as possibly by including every member of the family, even those with wagging tails! Matching human and dog sweaters is another way to feel connected to your steadiest friend and to demonstrate how your pet is more than pet—they are part of the family! Shop dog and human matching pjs today!