Christmas Centerpieces

Centerpiece for Christmas

Centerpiece for Christmas

Shop the Lands' End collection of Christmas centerpieces when you're ready to elevate your home for the holidays. No matter if you're looking for a table centerpiece for Christmas or for something you can put in the window or on the mantel, this selection has it all.

When it comes to traditional style, you can't go wrong with a centerpiece for Christmas from Lands' End. Our sophisticated designs fit right in with your holiday decor. Set up your Christmas ornaments on the tree with the family, then use these centerpieces to accentuate your tables and more when you're decorating this season.

We offer a range of designs, so you're sure to find an elegant centerpiece that suits your needs. Whether you're looking for Christmas centerpieces for tables or for something to dress up a window or mantel, these centerpieces have what it takes. Choose from fir, boxwood, succulent, and more to bring the holiday spirit into your home.

You won't want to set your table for the big holiday meal before you have one of these centerpieces. Our table centerpieces for Christmas will take your dining room table to the next level. Put on one of your favorite Christmas sweaters, then put the finishing touch on your table with traditional greenery. Now you're ready to host family and friends for a holiday to remember.

But these centerpieces aren't just for tables. Set a centerpiece with a candle in your window to shine some traditional holiday spirit inside and outside your home. Wherever you put it, your centerpiece is sure to bring joy to anyone who sees it.

Place centerpieces on the ends of your buffet table, or even put one on the mantel while you're decorating. Better yet, find a matching Christmas garland or wreath to take the guesswork out of decorating your home. The possibilities are endless once you have these classic centerpieces!

No matter which Christmas table centerpieces you choose, you can count on the designs in this Lands' End collection to deliver quality you can count on. Our handmade centerpieces bring you that same quality you've come to expect from all of your Lands' End products.

That means you can shop with complete confidence like you always do when you shop at Lands' End. Get into the holiday spirit, and gather the family to decorate your home together. Shop the Lands' End collection of centerpieces for Christmas today.