Chevron Blankets

If you're looking for a chic chevron print blanket, look no further than Lands' End. With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find one to suit your needs and stylistic preferences.

Lands' End chevron blankets are the perfect companion for any day or season. Buy a few for every member of your household and enjoy a cozy night indoors. You can also pack them in the car for a long road trip with family or friends. No matter where you are, a chevron pattern blanket can provide you with the coziness you need.

Not only do our chevron throws and blankets provide you with the warmth you need on a chilly day or night, but they can also be used as a statement piece in your home. These stylish blankets can offer the pop of color, whether it's in your bedroom or the living room. Pair it with one of our quality comforters and drape it on the end of your bed. You can also store a Lands' End chevron blanket in one of our seagrass baskets and place the basket at the end of your couch when the blanket isn't in use.

Our chevron blankets and throws are made from quality materials to ensure they last you for years to come. Every blanket features a cashmere-like texture, providing you with a luxury feel that you deserve from a blanket. While real cashmere is more accident-prone, our throws can be thrown into the washing machine to return it to its former glory. This makes it easier for you to keep your chevron blanket clean and smelling fresh in no time. In addition, our chevron blankets also help to prevent static cling from your dryer.

Every one of our unique chevron blankets and throws can add a special touch to any room of your home. Check out some of our loungewear for women, grab a chevron blanket, and prepare for some much-needed indoor relaxation!