Brown Pillow Sham

Light Brown Shams

Light Brown Shams

These aren’t your mother’s brown bed linens and brown pillow shams! If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your bed, allow us to suggest a new set of light brown shams, that is, decorative brown pillow covers. Brown pillow sham sets work with almost any bedroom décor, and comfortable pillows in a high-quality light brown bed sham work as both back support and extra sleeping pillows while they lend an air of luxurious hospitality to any well-appointed bed. We really should qualify the word, “brown,” though. For many of us, it calls to mind a drab, somber shade popular during the 70s and 80s, but the contemporary take on brown we have to offer are toasty, neutral linen browns with a great deal of sophistication. Check out our light brown pillow covers to see a whole new way to add brown to your bedroom décor.

You might wonder, what, precisely, a pillow sham is and why you need extras of them. Lands’ End is here to help with that, too! A brown bed sham, for example, differs from a pillow case in that while you can sleep on it if you wish, a sham is meant to be more decorative, putting a “false front” on a regular bed pillow, thereby turning a utilitarian bedding item into a decorative one. Further, pillow shams such as our brown shams are removable and washable, so that you can enjoy the decorative aspect of them knowing that hygiene is never an issue as it can be with hard-to-clean throw pillows.

Complement your existing bedding with extra bed pillows covered in attractive light brown pillow shams. Almost any of our bed sheets and comforters would look terrific with a set of European squares in brown pillow covers sitting at the head of the bed. An extra sleeping pillow concealed in a high quality light brown bed sham can make the difference between a comfortable bed and a truly luxurious bed.

A quick home-keeping tip: An extra set of light brown pillow covers solves a big, puffy storage problem.

If you live in a small home where linen storage is at a premium, store your guest pillows in attractive brown shams and simply keep them on a family bed for every day. When you have to pull out the sofa bed for a guest, trade that brown bed sham for the pillowcase of your guest sheets! You can offer your guest a fluffy full-sized pillow without ever stressing about storage!

Shop Lands’ End to find the light brown shams you need to create a perfectly-appointed bed for yourself, your family or your guests. Whether you want extra pillows for back support, want to freshen up your bedroom décor or simply need to solve a storage issue, a set of attractive brown pillow covers are just what you need. Browse our high quality light brown bed sham options today!