Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags and Computer Bags

Laptop Bags and Computer Bags

A laptop is a significant investment, so you want to keep it safe when going from here to there. A laptop bag from Lands' End can provide peace of mind, while also enhancing your style. Find messenger bags and business bags for women and men that are accommodating and fashionable when you shop with Lands' End.

When it comes to laptop bags, you may want to consider a neutral color bag. A neutral color bag will match anything and will travel well. At Lands' End, we have laptop messenger bags for women and men in brown and navy. Carry the same bag every day and don't worry about it clashing with your favorite women's sweater or work attire. Brown and navy are neutral colors that go with just about everything.

Laptop bags and computer bags from Lands' End are designed to protect your laptop. Find a business bag with a padded sleeve that can hold a laptop that is up to 15 inches in size. This padding can keep your laptop safe when making your daily commute. Don't worry about your laptop getting damaged when catching the train or loading and unloading your vehicle. Instead, invest in a women's briefcase or a men's briefcase from Lands' End.

The computer bags for men and women that are available at Lands' End come with shoulder straps. These straps help you carry your laptop when getting around. You can navigate your travels hands-free, thanks to this shoulder strap. The strap won't slide when you're wearing a women's winter parka or women's rain jackets, so you don't have to worry about your laptop tote falling when you're rushing to work or to school.

You can find a laptop tote bag made from waxed canvas at Lands' End. This material is soft, which can protect your items. It also forms to what is in your bag, so you don't have to deal with unnecessary bulk and you don't have to struggle to make items fit. A canvas laptop briefcase is also easy to clean. Spot clean your business bag as needed to keep it looking like new.

A laptop backpack for women can offer convenience and peace of mind. When it comes to work bags for women, we here at Lands' End are all about providing high-quality and accommodating products. Find a women's laptop tote or a men's laptop bag with interior pockets, which are perfect for storing laptop chargers, pens, pencils, notebooks, and other must-haves for work or for school. We have the best laptop bags for your lifestyle needs at Lands' End.