Toddler Boy Green Jackets

Baby Boy Green Parka Coats

Baby Boy Green Parka Coats

Keep your kids cozy this year in one of our toddler boy green jacket styles made to brave any weather. These pieces are packed with functional features that will help protect small children from the cold, wet, and wind. Slip your child into a baby boy green parka coat and enjoy features like a waterproof and windproof shell, a hood with elastic sides, and top-entry rip-and-grip closure pockets. These help keep your kids dry in even the gustiest of storms.

Keep the winter cold away with coats that feature quilted lining, insulated sleeves, and SnowGuard wrist cuffs with a thumb hole that keeps them down over the hands and under the gloves. Adjustable cuffs and full-zip closures help you seal up your kids as they head into the snow. Pair these jackets with our snow pants for boys to keep their legs covered. Add kids boots to keep toes toasty and dry.

At Lands' End, we strive to provide outerwear that will last. We want you to enjoy durable coats that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Seasonal clothing shouldn't have to be a burdensome expense, so we provide jackets and outerwear that you can adjust to wear year after year.

Look for select styles with features like Grow-A-Long sleeves that extend up to an inch and a half to keep up with your kids as they get older. Try a jacket with an adjustable bungee cord lock waist for similar flexibility around the middle. We even offer layered name tags in some of our jackets so you can hand them down easily.

Whether you opt for a toddler boy olive green jacket, a bold green printed parka, or a mint green hoodie, you know you'll get the quality and comfort you're after when you select outerwear from Lands' End. We offer smart solutions that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. From camping and hiking, to sledding and snowman-building, we can keep you warm and dry through it all. Shop Lands' End today for toddler outerwear.