Toddler Boy Gloves

Baby Boy Mittens

Baby Boy Mittens

Make sure you're ready for winter weather with gear that keeps young children warm and cozy whenever they're outside. This Lands' End collection of gloves and mittens for toddlers has what it takes to keep those tiny hands dry and warm, even in bitter cold and snowy weather. Whether you're looking for baby boy mittens or gloves, you'll find a pair for your child right here.

When the snow starts coming down, kids want to head outside and start playing! If your youngest follows their older siblings or cousins outdoors, you want to make sure his tiny hands stay warm, dry, and protected as he's building snowmen with the bigger kids. Our toddler boy mittens have what it take to keep kids cozy, even in the wintry elements.

You can put him in his kids' winter boots and boys' snow pants along with a winter coat and gloves or mittens to make sure he has fun while playing outside. Our gloves and mittens are designed with kid-friendly features along with important winter details like insulation and waterproofing. You can rest easy knowing your kids will stay comfortable as they have fun outside this season.

Of course, it's not just playtime that requires winter gear designed for kids' particular needs. Everyday activities like going to school or out to dinner with the family still call for winter-ready clothing to make sure young children stay warm while they're out and about. Get your child ready in one of our coats for boys, then put his hands into baby boy gloves or mittens before going outside.

Whether you're going on a walk in the neighborhood or just running from your home into the car, it's so important to make sure kids stay comfortable in cold, snow, and wind. We've created all our toddler styles to provide a great fit that ensures kids' hands stay warm despite the weather.

You can always shop with total confidence at Lands' End when you're looking for winter gear that will keep you kids protected and comfortable. Our cozy gloves and mittens are just what those little hands need! Don't head outside with your kids this winter unless they're wearing warm gloves or mittens. We've designed our toddler styles with kids' unique needs in mind, so you can rest easy knowing you're keeping your child comfortable when he goes outside to enjoy the season. Shop for toddler boy gloves and mittens today at Lands' End.