Boys' Socks

Boys' Crew Socks, Athletic Socks, & Dress Socks

Boys' Crew Socks, Athletic Socks, & Dress Socks

Boys' socks from Lands' End have the features boys need for play, everyday wear, and special occasions. They are available in fun patterns, solid colors, and multicolored varieties. Exceptional features of particular socks include the technology that keeps feet warm and also absorbs moisture away from the skin. Moreover, these high-quality socks stay up, so there's no need for continuous adjustments. Sock measurements go by boys' shoe sizes, allowing you to click and buy quickly.

Boys' athletic socks have reinforced toes and heels, preventing the formation of holes and odor control for a fresh feel. The additional ribs in the arch and cuffs provide extra support and prevent the socks from stretching out and losing their shape. If the special boy in your life needs boys' dress socks as part of a boys' school uniform, Lands' End online has a guide that helps you find schools' dress codes by searching by school number or address.

Boys' no-show socks fit below the top shoe edges, so they aren't visible, so it doesn't matter which outfit he is wearing. It's fun to match socks to boys' tops. Boys are happy to wear T-shirts and sweatshirts with cartoon characters, animals, and sports logos printed on them. You can add a personal monogram with his initials or embroidery designs on many types of tops. You can preview how the shirt will look before you purchase at Lands' End online.

Kids' socks with thicker material and the Thermaskin feature for warmth, comfort, and durability fit well with boys' snow boots. Look for Thermolite insulation built into kids' boots for keeping feet warm on icy-cold wintry days. The soles provide firm traction and are waterproof, so your kids' aren't walking around in wet and cold feet at school or during weekend play outdoors. Don't forget about Lands' End cozy slipper socks - a perfect addition for any boy's pajamas to help your boy stay warm and comfortable.