Boys’ Robes

Boys’ Bathrobes

Boys’ Bathrobes

What is the difference between a robe and a bathrobe?

While the terms ‘robe’ and ‘bathrobe’ might seem interchangeable, there are a few differences between these types of clothing. The main differences are when you wear them and what they’re made of.

Robes can really be any type of long, loose outer clothing, and they are sometimes instead referred to as dressing gowns or housecoats, as they are meant to be worn around the house as an extra layer. Robes can be made of different materials, like fleece, silk, and wool, depending on how much—or how little—warmth you want from them. 

Bathrobes are typically worn when you’re still damp after a shower or bath. They are also typically made of more absorbent material, like cotton terry, to help absorb the excess water.

Do boys need a bathrobe?

Robes are great for everyone. Bathrobes work as a great layer for after baths or showers to help absorb any extra water.

Boys can wear robes on top of their pajamas or loungewear to help them stay warm. Our boys’ robes can really serve to complete your son’s sleepwear collection and ensure he stays extra warm through those cold fall and winter months.

What kinds of boys’ robes does Lands’ End carry?

Lands’ End carries quality robes that balance comfort, functionality, and style. Our robes are made with durable polyester material and ultra-soft fleece. 

They also have several features for added comfort and convenience. Our styles have hoods and front pockets. These boys’ robes also have sewn-in belts so they won’t get lost. 

We carry robes for boys of all sizes, including Big Kid, Little Kid, and Toddler. Our boys’ robes boast a roomy fit, so your child can layer them over their pajamas without feeling too tight or constricted.

Our robes are available in a range of fun patterns and colors so you can find the perfect one for your child.

How can I personalize my robe?

For our boys’ robes, you can choose to add a number of things. First, you can add a monogram of a single letter, your child’s initials, or even their nickname. Or, if you want to add a different personal touch, you can choose from a vast selection of embroidery designs, like dogs, sharks, or their favorite sport.

Can’t choose between a monogram or embroidery? You don’t have to. Here at Lands’ End, you can combine both options to make a robe with the personal touch your child will love.