Boys Packable Jackets & Coats

Boys Packable Down Jackets

Boys Packable Down Jackets

Keep your young man warm and dry during the cold months by dressing him in a boy's packable jacket from Lands' End. Whether you want a boy's packable rain jacket or a boy's packable puffer jacket, we have a wide assortment of boy's jackets and coats, in lots of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

A boy's packable down jacket is a great choice for the young guy who likes to play with his friends. When he wants to take it off, he can easily pack the jacket into its own pocket and then he can store it in his backpack, back pocket, or school locker.

Keep your boy extra-warm by having him wear a snuggly boy's turtleneck sweater and boy's snow pants under his weatherproof boy's packable down jacket. Wrap a kid's neck scarf around his neck and a pair of boy's gloves on his hands and he'll be warm all day long.

When the rains settle in, give your young man a packable raincoat that he can always carry with him. Choose one in his favorite color or design and he'll be happy to wear the jacket when the weather turns unsettled. Make sure the jackets have a breathable mesh lining so that when he starts warming up on the playground, he stays cool and dry.

Shop Lands' End today to find the ideal boy's packable coat that will keep him warm and cozy all day long. Our boy's coats are made from high-quality fabric and materials, and with proper care, they can stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call with any questions you may have about our packable jackets. For your convenience, you can also reach us through chat on our website. Whichever way you wish to contact us, we look forward to speaking with you soon.