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Boys Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes for Boys

Lunch Boxes for Boys

Brown paper bags might be cheap and cheerful, but they're no substitute for quality boys' lunch boxes from Lands' End. Our lunch boxes for boys are so fun and practical, they might even convince him to give up those cafeteria meals!

Unlike those classic brown paper bags, a boys' lunch bag or thermos from Lands' End is reusable. You can hand wash our thermoses with your regular dishes and wipe our boys' lunch bags clean with a damp cloth. That makes these lunch containers much more eco-friendly solutions than those tired old paper lunch bags.

It goes without saying that they're much more stylish too. Why would he choose brown paper when he could have a boys' lunch box decorated with a slice of pizza, some shooting stars, or shimmering funny faces? Contrast piping and zipper pulls make even our plain colored lunch boxes look stylish. Add some personalized embroidery to take these lunch boxes to the next level. Choose monogrammed initials, names and other words in your choice of fonts and colors, or eye-catching graphic motifs. Our thermoses can also be customized with engraved words and initials.

While he'll care how they look, we know practicality matters most. Our boy lunch box varieties deliver here too. Our lunch bags are insulated and the thermoses have double-wall construction, so they'll keep your food and beverages the right temperature for longer. Our lunch bags also have convenient front and mesh interior pockets for keeping their snacks and other items organized. The interior's leak-resistant design ensures his lunch bag's contents will never seep through onto his boy’s school uniform or school backpack. We also use quality materials to make sure these lunch boxes last, however badly your boy treats them!

A boys' lunch tote and thermos are essential additions to any school backpack. You'll even find these lunch containers come in handy on road trips and weekend adventures. Get yours today and treat the special boys in your life at Lands' End.