Boys' Husky Snow Pants

Boys' Husky Snow Bibs & Husky Snow Pants

Boys' Husky Snow Bibs & Husky Snow Pants

If you reside in an area with heavy snowfall, you should get your son or grandson a good pair of snow pants. These pants are specially designed to provide protection against extreme cold and the elements, helping your little boy stay warm and comfy in the harshest winters. If your son or grandson is on the husky side, it can be difficult to find a pair of high-quality snow pants that fits him perfectly. This won't be a problem at Lands' End, because we have a great selection of thoughtfully made husky snow pants to meet different needs and preferences.

For optimal protection from extreme winter weather, opt for our Squall youth husky snow pants. Consisting of a waterproof nylon shell and polyester insulation, these pants are specially made to deliver maximum comfort, functionality, and durability. They come with our innovative Iron Knees to prevent tears and holes at the knees, a partial elastic waist for extra comfort and easy dressing, and elastic snow gaiters to keep cold and snow at bay. Additionally, they feature Grow-A-Long legs that extend up to 2 inches, so they'll continue to fit your son or grandson well as he grows.

Our Squall boys' husky snow pants are available in a wide variety of cool colors. Thanks to their simple design, they look great with almost any type of kids' winter coats, from parkas to puffer jackets. If you're planning to buy these pants, make sure you check out our boys' sweaters, jackets, and our durable snow boots to create an awesome winter outfit for your little boy. If you prefer something that provides more coverage, consider getting one of our husky-size snow bibs.

Whether you're looking for boys' snow pants in large sizes or boys' husky snow bibs, you'll have no trouble finding something suitable at Lands' End. After you've found the right pair of pants, make sure you look at our boys' pants size charts to determine the perfect fit. Shop at Lands' End today to get your little boy ready for winter.