Boys' Flannel Shirts

Boys' Flannels

Boys' Flannels

Boys’ Flannel Shirts

There’s something about flannel shirts that never goes out of style. You can wear them with anything, and they have a look that’s casual and sophisticated at the same time. Plus, they look great on adults and kids alike. Flannel shirts are great for boys because they’re so durable, surviving impromptu games of football, tree climbing, or whatever outdoor activity your child might enjoy during a typical day.

Boys’ flannel shirts from Lands’ End are also incredibly comfortable since they’re flannel brushed for extra softness and made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, which is a stronger, softer yarn. And the flat-felled seams at the sides and armholes won’t rub him the wrong way, so he doesn’t even have to wear a boys’ T-shirt underneath if he doesn’t want to. Boys’ Lands’ End flannels are also easy to clean, tolerating as many trips through the washer and dryer as they need.

A boys’ flannel from Lands’ End looks good either tucked into boys’ pants or untucked since it has shallow shirttails. And the classic chest patch pocket works well for storing small items, from a pen or pencil to a small billfold.

Flannels for Boys

Flannels for boys come in a variety of colors, so he has one to wear every day of the week. Choose from four different boys’ plaid flannels or a red and black buffalo checkered flannel for a more classic, outdoorsy look. They also look great with boys’ jeans and with dress pants, allowing you to wear them for either casual or more formal occasions.

There are also hooded flannel shirts for kids that can double as a jacket during spring and fall, and they’re perfect for sitting around a campfire. The hood is a solid color that perfectly matches the plaid pattern or the cute camping print that these flannels are offered in. A hooded flannel for boys is a fall wardrobe staple. Layer flannels with boys' winter coats on extra chilly days.

Boys’ flannels come in regular and husky sizes to accommodate boys through whatever growth spurts they may be going through. Lands’ End also offers “True Fit,” which is a tool that helps ensure you get the right size. All it takes is 30 seconds to answer a few questions about your child and what types of clothes they wear, and you’ll get a recommendation for what size boys’ flannel will fit your child the best.

To make your boys’ flannel even more special, personalize it with their initials or a favorite emoji or sport embroidered on it. Lands’ End offers monogramming and embroidery on boys’ flannels to make them your child’s favorite, go-to boys’ top.