Boys Black Jackets

Boys Black Coats & Bomber Coats

Boys Black Coats & Bomber Coats

When you are looking for a boys' black jacket, you have to consider what type of protection your little boy needs. Your little boy may only need a little bit of protection if you live in an area that does not have a very cold winter. Therefore, a lightweight boys' jacket may be good enough. However, if you live in an area that has brutal winters, you will have to find a boys' black winter coat with ultimate protection against cold temperatures.

A boys' black coat from Lands' End comes with many product features. You are able to filter through our products and see what your little guy will need. We have coats that are water-resistant, wind-resistant, windproof, and waterproof. Our coats are made with different materials such as down alternatives and fleece. Even though our coats are insulated, they are made to not feel bulky. For this reason, your child will still be able to move freely while building their snowman or skiing down the slopes.

Our coats come with many features that parents care about. We have also made our coats with features that kids will love. Some of our boys' winter coats have grow-a-long sleeves. These sleeves can be extended by 1.5 inches as your child grows. Another kid-friendly feature is our snow guard cuffs that can be found on the inside of the coat's sleeve. Your child can slip their thumb through the extended cuff to keep out cold and snow. Our warmest coat is our boys' black parka, which is made to withstand temperatures down to minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our coats come in a variety of styles and designs, as well as many sizes including plus size boys clothes. Our coats come in big kids' sizes from 8 through 20, little kid sizes from 4 to 7, and toddler sizes. From our boys' black bomber jacket to other outerwear such as boys' winter boots and snow pants for boys, you will find it all here at Lands' End. Shop Lands' End and get all of your boys' outerwear necessities today.