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Kids' Belts

Kids' Belts

If you have a son or grandson, you should consider getting him a good belt. Boys often don't pay much attention to their clothes when they're engrossed in their favorite activities, resulting in an increased chance of wardrobe malfunctions. You can help your little boy secure his boy’s pants or shorts and walk, run, and play with greater confidence by getting a high-quality boy's belt from Lands' End. We have a number of exceptionally well-made belts for boys that are great-looking, sturdy, and easy to wear. Browse our selection now to find the perfect belt for your little boy.

If you're looking for simple, clean-looking little boys' belts, check out our classic boys' leather belt. Made of tanned 100% leather, this belt is soft enough to keep your son and grandson comfortable even when he's doing vigorous physical activities. It's 1 3/8 inches wide and comes with a sturdy buckle that's very easy to operate. It's also a highly durable belt, so you can expect it to last a long time. You can opt for the boys' brown belt or black belt. This belt looks good with all kinds of boys' bottoms, including pants, jeans, chinos, and boy’s shorts. 

If you prefer a fancier design, take a look at our boy's braided belt. Also made of 100% leather, this handsome belt features a rustic buckle and braided buckle for a rugged, vintage look. It pairs especially well with boy’s jeans, chinos, cargo pants, and denim shorts, but your little boy can also wear them with dress pants and Bermuda shorts. It's suitable for a wide variety of activities, from playing in the playground to shopping in the mall. Similar to the classic belt, the braided belt is available in black and brown.

Lands' End's boys' belts are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and functionality, so you can rest assured that your son or grandson will enjoy wearing them. Our kids' belts come in a wide range of sizes to suit boys of different ages. Check out our sizing charts to find the perfect fit for your little boy.