Blue Lunch Boxes

Blue Lunch Bags

Blue Lunch Bags

Is your child begging you for a blue lunch bag? Well, look no further because at Lands' End we have just the bag you're looking for. Not only do we have lunch bags in the color blue but also in different styles. These bags are perfect for both boys and girls along with our school uniforms that will properly equip your child for school.

There are plenty of features in our blue lunch box that will keep your child's lunch safe and cold. One of the main features is the insulation. Place something cold in the bag, such as an ice pack or frozen water bottle, and this box will stay cold for up to five hours. The ice pack can be placed in a mesh pocket inside the navy blue lunch bag for safekeeping.

At Lands' End, we know how accidental spills can occur inside our navy blue lunch box. For this reason, we produced our bags with a leak-resistant interior. We also made our bags with a soft interior so that spills can be wiped with a damp sponge. Some children are picky about where their foods are placed and we understand this. Our lunch boxes have individual compartments so that certain foods can be separated. For example, snacks can be placed in the bottom compartment and bigger items such as a sandwich or juice can be placed in the main compartment.

Many kids want school items that reflect their personalities. Therefore, kids have the option of adding personalization to their bags. They have a choice of adding words as well as icons to decorate their bags starting at $8. With our various styles and designs, children are sure to find the right bag for them.

At Lands' End we know how important quality and style are so we made sure to make our light blue lunch box with these qualities. Our collection is excellent for both boys and girls that want to express their personalities. Our bags are durable and long-lasting so your child's bag can be kept around for years to come. We also make our schoolbags the same and they fit our lunch bags perfectly. Keep your child's lunch in a stylish, quality lunch box that meets their needs. Visit Lands' End and shop our lunch boxes today!