Memory Foam Mattress

You spend a good portion of your life sleeping, which is why it's so important to have a quality mattress that offers you the comfort and support you need. At Lands' End, we have a wide variety of memory foam mattresses to shop from. You're sure to find one that fits your needs and bedroom. 

Our memory foam mattresses come in many different firmness levels, including plush firm, firm, and extra firm. They're gel-infused and easily contour to the shape of your body, giving you plenty of support where you need it. Open-cell cooling technology helps with airflow and heat dissipation, giving you a cooler night of sleep. These mattresses also feature high-density support foam, which prevents any sinking or sagging. Our high-quality mattresses will give you countless nights of good sleep for years to come. 

We have some of the best memory foam mattresses out there. That's because they are engineered to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. If you find that your back is aching after a night of sleep, your old mattress may be the number one culprit. It's time to ditch the spring mattress for mattress foam customized to your comfort level. They are designed from the ground up to give you a truly luxurious and comfortable night of rest. 

Our mattresses' soft, breathable knits ensure you stay cool on summer nights. Simply layer on some fleece blankets  when temperatures start to drop. You can also add soft flannel sheets to really bundle up on chilly nights. As you're nice and cozy, you won't overheat thanks to the cooling technology.

When it's time to dress up your foam memory mattress, layer some incredibly soft Lands' End bed sheets over it. For the ultimate personalized bedding experience, add monogrammed bedding and a personalized throw blanket on top of your new mattress. 

When it's time to kick your old, unsupportive mattress to the curb, shop the Lands' End collection of mattresses. You're sure to find the best memory foam mattress for you.