Dog Bed Covers

Washable Dog Bed Covers

Washable Dog Bed Covers

At Lands' End, we know that family is everything and that includes your faithful furry friends. That's why we have our very own doggy range so they don't miss out on living essentials, particularly a comfy bed. If you've recently purchased a dog bed insert, then now is the time to find the perfect cover that you and your dog will love.

Our dog bed covers fit both round and rectangular padded inserts and come in a range of sizes, from small (26" diameter) to extra large (52" diameter). If your dog prefers to sleep in a curled position, choose a round dog bed with removable cover. If they stretch out to sleep, a rectangular bed and cover is the best choice. Our pet bed covers are machine washable and have reinforced zippers so you can easily remove and wash when dirty paws or leftover snacks leave telltale stains. 

Complete your dog's bedtime routine with his very own pet pajamas. Better yet, kit the whole family out (including the dog) in matching family Christmas pajamas to really get into the holiday spirit. 

At Lands' End, you can make your dog bed cover personal by adding a customized monogram. Add your pet's name so they know exactly which bed is theirs (hint, it's not the adult's bed upstairs)! A personalized cover also makes a great gift for friends or family with pet pooches.

Our washable dog bed covers are designed to suit a dog's energetic lifestyle. The heavy-duty canvas material is tough and durable, standing up to scratching claws and a bit of rough play that pooches love. This means you can shop at Lands' End with confidence, knowing that you are investing in a high-quality, good value product that is made to last. Your pup will definitely thank you for it!