Cotton Modal Towels

Browse our selection of cotton modal towels at Lands' End to discover the perfect fluffy bath towel that you've been searching for. The touch of modal in our cotton bath towels make them one of the silkiest and fastest-drying options in our collection of bath towels. With a total weight of 550 grams per square meter, our towels will give you just the right amount of thickness without being too heavy.

When you dry off with our cotton modal towels, your skin will thank you. That's because our towels have been verified as free of more than 300 harmful substances and chemicals by OEKO-TEX. This means you don't have to ever worry about what kind of materials your bath towels are made from, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

With our blend of 76% cotton and 24% modal, you can feel confident in your towels' longevity and durability. For added comfort when stepping out of the shower or tub, pick out one of our signature bathroom rugs, which you'll love as much as your cotton modal towels. 

Caring for your Lands' End cotton modal towel is also a breeze. All you need to do is throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your linens, then dry it on a lower setting or hang it to dry on your clothesline for that crisp, clean scent and feel. 

We provide many ways for you to customize our cotton-modal blend towels. Choose from a variety of colors, like peach quartz and light crystal blue, or you can personalize your bath towels with your monogrammed initials or one of our unique designs. Make the set complete with matching monogrammed hand towels for comfort and style in every bathroom in your home.

When it comes to towels, cotton modal is the way to go. These tall-pile towels dry you off quickly while giving you the feeling of being in a luxury spa day. Browse the Lands' End collection of cotton modal towels to find the perfect towels or towel sets to match all of the bathrooms in your home.