Dog Bandanas

Dog Scarfs, Dog Handkerchiefs & Personalized Dog Bandanas

Dog Scarfs, Dog Handkerchiefs & Personalized Dog Bandanas

Having your furry friend wear cute dog bandanas is a fun way to showcase their personality. Whether you have a shy little pup or an out-going one, they all look great wearing dog bandanas. Lands' End has lots of different styles of pet bandanas to choose from, so your pooch can wear one for any occasion.

Over the holidays, have your pup wear a dog Christmas bandana or a dog Christmas scarf for a festive look. Have them pose surrounded by Christmas decorations for an adorable photo that'll make a wonderful holiday card.

As if puppies aren't cute enough, they will look extra darling wearing puppy bandanas. If you choose a bandana made from fleece, they can stay extra warm on chilly days.

A great look for any dog is having them wear a plaid dog bandana. Pick a dog handkerchief or scarf that complements the color of their fur for a charming look. Have a couple of storage baskets handy to store all of your bandanas in, so you can keep them nice and organized.

If you have a big breed of dog we have large dog bandanas that will fit them just right. If you carry your furry companion in a tote bag or purse, we have plenty of sizes and styles for smaller dogs as well.

Shop Lands' End to find the perfect dog scarf or bandana. You'll love the variety and quality of the bandanas, and you'll want several of them. They make great gifts for anyone you know who is in love with dressing up their dogs, and you can give them personalized dog bandanas or custom dog bandanas with the pet's name or initials on the scarf. If you have any questions about our bandanas for pets, feel free to give our customer service team a call or chat through our website. We always look forward to speaking with our customers!