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Travel Totes, Travel Luggage & Travel Suitcases

Travel Totes, Travel Luggage & Travel Suitcases

We have a passion for designing well-built travel bags. In fact, one of our best travel bags, the Seagoing Duffle, is an integral part of our history at Land's End. Because of this dedication, we employ rigorous testing on all of our travel bags. You can rest assured that any travel bag you purchase is based on a prototype that was put through its paces for strength and durability. Built from ultra-strong fabrics and genuine Wisconsin leather, our travel bags are built to last.

Quality fabrics and durable construction are just part of what makes good travel bags. Sturdy linings, padded handles, and well-made zippers are part of it too. But a good travel bag is about more than that. It's about how it feels in your hand or on your shoulder. And it's about how it looks after it's lovingly used for a little while. The quality of a travel bag is based on the experience of using it as much as it is on its materials.

Whether you're searching for a go-to carry-on travel bags or carry-on backpacks,  Lands' End has a style to suit your needs. With roomy interior compartments and pockets, they offer enough space for a few outfit changes. Strategic pockets offer convenient spots to store all of your smaller items. With most styles designed to work as carry-on bags, our travel bags are designed to take you from gym to airport with ease.

From neutrals to vivid hues, we offer a travel bag style to suit any taste. While some of our traveling bags lend themselves to a more rugged look, we also offer other styles that are thoroughly reminiscent of our yachting heritage. With sharp jewel-tone hues and crisply contrasting trims, they stand out in the best of ways. Many styles offer monogramming for an extra personalized touch. From outdoorsy to preppy, Lands' End carries just about every style of travel bag that you can think of.

Since our beginnings, we have understood that travel bags and backpacks should be durable and functional. But perhaps most importantly, we have always understood that you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality. That belief still holds true today, and it shows in our tried-and-true designs. 

We have made a collection of large and small travel bags with styles to suit every need, and as long as they are well-loved we guarantee that they'll love you back. Shop Lands' End today for the travel bags you'll need tomorrow.