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Two students holding an oversized ruler.

Question about our new sizing? We have the answer!

Here are some of the most frequent questions families ask about our updated school uniform sizing. Don't see your questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Q. Where can families find answers to their sizing questions?

A. Your families can find answers

Q. What is a Size Conversion?

A. We are simplifying our Girls and Boys sizing to make it easier to shop and find similar sizing as other retailers. We will be removing Little and Big size designations. All product names will be designated Boys', Girls' or Kids'. We are also simplifying the sizing to range from 2-20 for numeric sizing and XXS-XXL for alpha sizing. For example, what was previously designated “Little Boy S” will now be “Boys' XS”. For more details, please see the Size Conversion Chart link below.

Q. Does Size Conversion pertain to every product?

A. The new size names apply to all kids' products in the school uniform collection.

Q. How do I use the size chart?

A. The easiest way to find the right size for your student is to use True Fit®. Reference an existing product your student has worn or a past order in your “Account”. Find the size on the chart. For example: if you have previously ordered a “Little Boy M”, look for “Little Boy M” on the chart. The new alpha size is S. Or, in the case of a numeric size, “Toddler 2T” for example, now has the new numeric size 2.

Q. How do I find my student's current size?

A. We recommend families use True Fit®. Just answer a few questions, update your child's profile and True Fit will recommend the right size to buy based on the data entered. Remember to save your account, so True Fit can automatically recommend the right size next time you place an order.

Q. Is there a boys' and girls' size designation?

A. Style descriptions in the Boys' category will be designated Boys' or Men's. The Girls' category will refer to Girls' or Women's sizes. Coed and Outerwear items will be designated Kids' or Adults' (for unisex styles, or styles that aren't gender specific), or Women's, Men's.

Q. Is there an updated Fit Guide?

A. Yes, please click here

Q. Why do I see two images for the same product?

A. As we continue to sell remaining inventory in our old sizes, there may be two style numbers for the same product.

Q. Why do I see two prices for the same product?

A. Some items will be discounted until sold out to allow for the transition of the updated sizes.

Q. How can I find my new size based off of my old size?

A. See Size Conversion Chart.

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