Winter Flannel vs. Summer Flannel: Which Works Best?

Winter Flannel vs. Summer Flannel: Which Works Best?

Flannel has a bit of a stereotype, either as a piece of clothing you wear in colder weather or something you wore to a Pearl Jam concert in the ‘90s. Despite this stereotype, we still wear flannel shirts no matter what time of year. Basically, flannel continues to be a closet staple no matter what decade or season. You just have to know how to wear it and what to style it with in order to make it work best for you.

Color Matters

When it comes to making flannel work from season to season, color matters. Warmer colors (oranges, yellows, and reds) work best in colder weather, while cooler colors (blues and pinks) work best in warm weather. Neutral colors (greys, greens, whites, purples, and black) can be worn whenever. Of course, if you combine cooler colors with warmer colors within a plaid flannel, you're good to go no matter what time of year.

Winter Flannel

This is a no-brainer, but there are some flannel items that simply work best during fall and winter.

Flannel robes can be worn year-round, but when you're waking up to sub-zero temperatures, it is so satisfying to wrap one around you when you hop out of bed in the morning as you stumble to the coffee machine.

When you wake up to throw on that flannel robe, you happen to be wearing flannel pajamas, you're in for an extra treat. Just like flannel sheets, flannel pajamas have a way of keeping you warm without making you sweat.

Corduroy pants and corduroy leggings are other winter staples that tend to come and go in terms of style, but it is generally safe to say that pairing them with a flannel button-down is a solid winter look. It all depends on how you wear it. Tucked in always looks more polished while a loose fit is going to look a bit more casual. Don't be afraid to wear brightly colored corduroys with your flannel shirt either.

A classic way to make flannel work during winter is to wear a plaid flannel shirt under a women's down vest. It gives you a good amount of warmth without too much heat for those days when a coat isn't really needed. An extra bonus is when the vests have pockets, so you don't even need to carry a purse.

Summer Flannel

In regard to flannel, there are a lot of looks that work best during the summer months.

When transitioning from the heat of the outdoors to indoor air conditioning, or simply for going from daytime to nighttime, summer is all about layering. What better way to do that than with a flannel shirt that you can simply wrap around your waist when you're too warm. In addition, it is forgiving when it comes to wrinkles, so you can even scrunch it up and throw it in your purse when you're not wearing it. Is there any other type of shirt more forgiving than flannel?

Sometimes jeans can feel constricting during warm weather, so leggings are a great option for the summer months. Make a summer flannel work by wearing it as a tunic with some cute pumps or flats. Or, simply wrap it around your waist.

Maybe it's the idea of mixing warm with cold, but a plaid flannel shirt looks pretty darn cool when worn with a shorter pair of shorts. Button it up and tuck it in, or wear it unbuttoned over a plain white T-shirt.

A maxi dress can look a little bare for some occasions in the summertime. Having a flannel on hand to bring it down to earth a bit and give you a little extra coverage is a great way to make flannel work for summer. Either wear it unbuttoned or wrap it around your waist for a look that's a little more form-fitting.

As you can see, you can make flannel work for you no matter what the season is. The key to making it work whether in summer or in winter is to ensure you feel confident wearing it.


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