Why Everyone Should Own At Least One Pair of White Jeans

Why Everyone Should Own At Least One Pair of White Jeans

We all have our own unique personal style preferences. Maybe you like to keep it casual at all times, rocking loungewear whenever possible. Or maybe you always opt for chic and dressy looks, even in your downtime. Perhaps you’re someone who loves bold, bright patterns, or maybe you tend to stick to neutral earth tones, or you feel most confident in pastel hues. That said, there are some wardrobe staples that we should all have in our rotation, regardless of personal style preferences. And a pair of white jeans definitely falls into that category.

If you already know all about the magic of owning a great pair of white jeans, then the blog below will at least inspire some outfit ideas that you’ll want to wear on repeat. And if you’re not in the white jean club yet, read on for just a few of the reasons why owning a pair of these pants is a must.

They're Universally Flattering

First and foremost, white jeans look great on everyone. Since this shade of denim is available in such a wide variety of styles, you can pick your perfect fit. Maybe you’ll go for a trendy and stylish pair of white straight-leg jeans, or perhaps a pair of comfy white high-rise skinny jeans or mid-rise ankle jeans are more your thing. No matter which specific style you choose, white is a universally-flattering hue, so you can really make these work for you.

In this same vein, white jeans are also as versatile as they are flattering. You can easily work them into several looks and outfits and style them to fit your own vibe.

They're the Perfect Warm-Weather Jeans

While you can incorporate white jeans into outfits year-round, they really get their moment in the spotlight in the spring and summer. If you’re someone who loves wearing jeans but wants to keep things light and bright in the warmer months, white jeans can keep you covered while the sun’s shining, just like a pair of classic light blue denim or pastel chinos might.

For a spring day, pair some white jeans with an airy linen tunic or a cute peasant top. And for a breezy summer evening, rock some white jeans with any of your go-to women's summer shirts like a lavender u-neck jersey cotton tee or a flattering olive V-neck Supima® cotton short sleeve tee. Complete any of these looks with strappy sandals or cute kicks, and voila! You’ve got a comfy and stylish warm-weather look you can wear all season long.

They're the Best Reason to Rock Your Denim or Chambray Tops

Denim and chambray shirts are oh-so-trendy at the moment and, just like white jeans, look great on everyone. If you have some denim or chambray tops in your closet or even a cute new jean jacket that you’ve been wanting to debut, pairing any of these tops with some white denim bottoms is a win.

This is especially true if you love the look and feel of a cute pair of jeans with a relaxed denim top, but you’re not quite ready to go full blue denim on blue denim quite yet. Having some white jeans as your base will open up the door for a ton of cute looks that incorporate blue denim or chambray. Opt for a cropped jean jacket layered over a gray crewneck tank or a long-sleeve chambray button-up with your white jeans for a look that’s as flattering as it is versatile.

They're Versatile Enough to Wear With Any Print

Speaking of versatility, white jeans are also perfect for pairing with your boldest prints. Or, if you prefer more subtle prints, like ditsy floral or simple horizontal stripes, white denim will perfectly complement those as well.

In fact, it’s harder to find a women's blouse or tee, not to mention any of your outerwear, that doesn’t work with white bottoms than it is to find an option that does. Having a go-to pair of white jeans in your rotation will open up the door for any of your print tops, from a trendy silk leopard print to a paisley peasant top.

They're Easy to Dress Up or Down

Whether you like to keep it casual or always prefer to dress up or have an outfit rotation or an agenda that calls for a mix of both vibes, you can make a pair of white jeans work. White jeans tend to look a bit more polished than blue jeans, so if your office is business-casual, you can absolutely rock these to work. Dress them up with a button-down and a smart blazer layer if needed, or add a touch of elegance with a women's cashmere sweater on top.

And for your more casual wear, simply throw on a pair of white jeans and a simple T-shirt or crewneck sweatshirt, plus a pair of sneakers. We weren’t kidding when we said these bottoms were versatile!

No matter your style preferences, a pair of white jeans will fit perfectly in your rotation (not to mention fit perfectly in general). We’re sorry in advance if your other jeans start to get jealous!


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