Why everyone should own Lands' End Fleece.

I could feel it that chill in the air, the one that creeps in before I am ready and gently whispers: fall is approaching. The chill that makes me instantly think of my favorite layer: Lands’ End fleece. There is nothing better for what my children lovingly refer to as “The Cozy Months.” We all know what they bring to our lives: warmth, the type of warmth that cuddles your very soul.

And so it is with the chill of fall that we welcome football games enjoyed from the sidelines while huddled together beneath our Sherpa fleece throw. As we wave goodbye to sticky summer nights and welcome snuggles woven together with fairy tales read by the dim flicker of the fireplace as we cuddle the final moments of our evening away wrapped cozily in our plush fleece robes. Even sliding into a pair of Sherpa lined fleece slippers to scurry across the cold garage floor sounds inviting when I think of how amazing Sherpa fleece feels on my tired feet.

The onset of fall air also reminds me that it is clearly time to inventory everyone's closets, starting with mine. As soon as summer begins to give way to fall I rely on fleece every day to combat the briskness of the months that follow. There truly is nothing that compares to the softness and versatility of Lands' End fleece jackets.

In anything less than Lands' End's fleece lineup, I know I am settling. However, when I am dressed in a pair of women’s jeans and a Lands' End fleece pullover layered with one of their tees, I feel put together enough to befriend my son's principal, yet carefree enough to saddle up for a sunset ride through the orchard.

Another chill-fighting closet essential is the sweater fleece Jacket. When I say this fleece is an essential, what I mean is: Buy this fleece in every color or you will wish you had. In one fell swoop, this fleece allows you to effortlessly face your day while looking head-turningly stylish, yet allows you to remain extremely comfortable. As most women well know, style and comfort seldom go hand in hand. Which is why when you find a look that accomplishes both, you stock up.

So, as you witness the first signs of summer's farewell, take a peek at your fall wardrobe. Keep what works. Part with what doesn't. And of course, stock your closet with as much Lands' End fleece as you possibly can.