Why Buying Quality Clothing Helps the Environment

Why Buying Quality Clothing Helps the Environment

Buying high-quality clothing is important for many reasons. One significant reason, however, may not be immediately obvious. Along with keeping you looking stylish and comfortable, quality clothing provides a huge boost to the environment. Here's why.

Quality Clothing Holds Up Well

Investing in well-made clothing means that it will stand up to the test of time. Wearing items that you love and look great in isn’t a problem when they continue to look fabulous wash after wash and wear after wear. Great styles that hold up well over time ultimately mean that you’ll end up buying fewer items, and buying them less often. This will result in less waste and fewer clothing items being thrown away due to faded colors, rips or tears on the fabric, general wear, and more. You can feel confident that the environment will benefit from your investment in good clothing, whether it’s a well-made swimsuit or time-tested black dress.

Well-Made Apparel Looks Newer Longer

Even if you have items that you really love in your closet, too often they are relegated to cleaning clothes or even rags — if not thrown out. That’s because they end up looking ragged or they've been worn well beyond their time. No one wants either business clothing or comfy clothes that look sad and stale. Instead, turn to quality clothing, from work dresses to women’s loungewear that will keep looking new for a longer time period. This way, you can get more wear out of the items, and fewer apparel pieces will end up in the bin.

Slow Fashion Means Fewer Chemicals in the Environment

By choosing durable, quality pieces — aka slow fashion — you are also reducing the amount of chemicals and waste being produced. Clothing focused on pushing trends forces consumers to buy more at a rapid pace, which could be harmful to the environment due to the production of chemicals and wastes during manufacturing.

Excellent Clothing May Not Need to be Washed as Often

Top-quality apparel items also have the advantage of not necessarily needing to be washed after every wear. Whether it’s a stylish pair of jeans or capris, a cute casual jacket, or a simple sundress, you may be able to get away with spot cleaning for multiple wears before having to completely launder the item. Quality fabrics and designs keep the clothing looking fresh and fabulous, so you’re not having to wash, dry, and iron the items you love as often — thereby conserving resources while staying in style.

Opting for Better Clothing Means That You May Be Able to Give It a Second Life

There are tons of ways to help save the planet when it comes to your clothing — and one of those ways is donating clothing to your favorite charities and thrift stores. If you’re choosing low-quality pieces, chances are the charity shop or secondhand store won't be able to use them. By choosing better pieces, you can give that clothing a second life by donating it, because it will still look great even when you’re ready to say goodbye.

Reliable Brands Aren’t Afraid to Share Their Stories

More high-quality brands than ever are committing to protecting the environment. When you shop with a trusted brand like Land’s End, you can rest assured that you are buying products from a company committed to sustainability and bettering the Earth. A reliable clothing company won’t shy away from where it stands when it comes to the environment, so you can tell upfront what the company is doing and how it's doing it.

Timeless Styles Will Always Be On-Trend

If you want to stay fashionable, you can rely on quality clothing to make sure you get there, while protecting the Earth, too. You never have to worry about looking like you’re in outdated apparel when you choose classic, timeless pieces like well-fitting denim jeans, button-up shirts, flattering cardigans, chinos, elegant tunics, timeless sundresses, and classic women’s shorts. You’ll be benefitting the environment when you opt for classy, easy-to-wear looks that can always be mixed and matched. You’ll avoid low-quality throwaway clothing trends and keep looking fabulous.

Your Wallet Will Thank You, Too

While quality clothing can be slightly higher in price than poorly made apparel, in the end, you’ll be saving money because your clothes will last and keep looking great for years after you’ve purchased them. Revitalizing your wardrobe with a few fresh pieces each season and revamping the tried-and-true classics in your closet can help you save a remarkable amount of money while protecting the world’s resources. If you’ve been wanting to donate to a good cause that helps the environment, buying well-made fashion is yet another way to help out.

When It Comes to Preserving the Planet, Quality Counts

To look great and help the planet, you can have it all. Buy from reliable, trustworthy brands that make clothing you can count on. From reducing manufacturing waste to giving clothing new life by donating it, there are so many ways to make a difference!


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