Why Women Love Tankini Swimsuits

Why Women Love Tankini Swimsuits

With a tankini swimsuit, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. They offer the coverage of a one-piece, but amazing flexibility when it comes to size and personal style. Try one on, and you'll never go back.

Tankinis Provide Perfect Chest Support

Full-busted women often avoid bikinis, but our tankini tops provide the support you need. Many of them have hidden underwires, so everything stays in place. You'll feel like you're wearing your favorite bra underneath your suit.

Other styles have soft cup bras. These provide subtle lift and shaping, emphasizing your natural curves for a look you'll love. Soft cups also prevent the appearance of a "uni-boob" by gently separating instead of smooshing your breasts together.

You Can Mix and Match Tankinis to Your Heart's Delight

Do you need one size on top and another on the bottom? A tankini swimsuit could be the answer to your prayers. A regular suit might be tight in one place and loose in another, but with separates, you can pick and choose what works best.

Speaking of bottoms, you're free to choose between something revealing or modest when you're in a tankini. Try a daring pair of bikini bottoms with side ties if you're feeling bold. When you want to cover up a little more, change into a swim skirt or board shorts that reach to your knees – they're great if you're playing with kids or boogie boarding.

If you want to minimize your tummy, try one of our slimming tankinis. A hidden lining in the top smooths your shape. For a little extra help, wear one of our high-waisted swim skirts with tummy control as well.

Tankinis Keep You Safe From the Sun

Since tankini swimsuits cover more than a two-piece suit, they offer better sun protection. We make ours using UPF 50 material that keeps 98% of rays from reaching your skin, which helps prevent everything from age spots to cancer. Stay extra-safe by wearing sunscreen underneath your suit and on exposed areas, like your face and neck. Throw on a UPF 50 swim tee during high-risk hours.

With a few tankinis, you can experiment with various looks. Mix and match them in different combinations, add some accessories, and you'll have a new outfit every day. Your Instagram followers will be impressed!

Tankinis Help You Look and Feel Your Best at the Beach

Tankinis are also perfect if you need mastectomy swimwear. Since they cover more than a bikini, they're wonderful for concealing scars, and the higher necklines on select styles help keep breast prostheses secure. The soft material we use won't irritate sensitive skin, either.

Tankinis are Easy to Keep Clean

Always rinse your tankini in fresh water after wearing it, even if you didn't get wet. Perspiration, sunscreen chemicals, and chlorine can degrade the fibers responsible for its amazing fit, so you need to keep it clean. When you're done, gently squeeze your tankini to remove excess water, but don't twist or wring it.

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