What to Wear with Capri Pants

What to Wear with Capri Pants

Thinking about bringing capri pants back into your wardrobe collection? Or have you had a pair of capri pants sitting in your closet, but you just aren’t sure what to wear with them? With a little research and planning, there are plenty of ways to style your capri pants with a variety of tops, shoes, and accessories. Here are some ways you can style outfits with capri pants for your next outing.


Before you start thinking about what shoes or accessories you will wear with your capris, you have to figure out the top. A good pair of capri pants can be worn with countless tops from blouses to tank tops to cardigan sweaters and everything in-between. First, consider what season you’re in and where you will be wearing the capris. If it’s a chilly spring or fall afternoon, pair your capri pants with a cashmere sweater or a button-up cardigan.

An alternative would be a long-sleeved shirt in a solid color or print, depending on the color and design of the capris. In the summer, capri pants go fabulously with a light women's blouse, solid-colored tee, or tank top. Play around with colors and patterns such as floral or stripes. If you keep the capri pants in one solid color like white or khaki, you can have fun with the top and go with something bold and eye-catching.


Once you’ve nailed down the top, it’s time to get to the fun part: shoes! You can never go wrong with a pair of flats, such as loafers or strappy sandals. Depending on the style, you may be able to pair capri pants with a pair of boots, like flat ankle boots. If you are wearing sportier capris designed for athletic activities, sneakers are the obvious go-to. Planning to spend the day at a state park or outdoors on vacation? A sturdy pair of all weather sandals go nicely with capris. For a dressier sandal, espadrille wedge sandals go marvelously with a pair of denim capri pants. And if you just need shoes to slip on when you’re rushing out the door, flip flops are another great footwear choice for summer.


With capris, you can choose the simple route and just focus on putting together a cute top and pair of shoes, or you can add subtle details to accentuate the whole look. If you tuck your top into your capri pants, you can accessorize with a belt. For example, a beautiful brown leather belt will really accentuate a white pair of capri pants. If you’re attempting to create a themed look, say an outfit for a day at the beach or by the lake, accessorize with a chic floppy hat and a pair of fashion statement sunglasses. Other little things like scarves, watches, and jewelry can complete a capri pants ensemble. Keep things simple by shopping for accessories that will complement your personal style.

The Perfect Handbag

Is any outfit really complete without your favorite bag or purse? Certain handbags will go much better with capris than others. For instance, a sparkly clutch purse should be reserved for a fancy night out. But when you're wearing capris during the day, a tote purse or beach bag will look great with a casual capri outfit. And if you are traveling, a canvas travel bag can really enhance your entire look. The combination of capris, a tank top, a lightweight scarf, sunglasses, and a travel bag creates the ultimate airport outfit.

Jackets and Second Layers

Should you need a lightweight jacket on a cool summer night or a crisp spring day, certain choices go swimmingly with capris. However, you need to consider the style and fabric of the capris themselves. If you are wearing athletic leggings, a plush or textured fleece jacket as a second layer will look and feel great. If it’s a rainy day, opt for an insulated quilted barn jacket or a squall raincoat. The key is to pair a short jacket to complement the shorter length of the capri pants. Additionally, vest jackets also work well over a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of capri pants.

When it comes to styling your capri pants, play around with as many options as you can. The more you experiment with tops, shoes, and accessories, the more outfits you can create. With plenty of options in your wardrobe, you can have ensembles that will have you looking and feeling terrific this season.


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