What to Wear with a Rash Guard

What to Wear with a Rash Guard

Protecting your skin while having fun in the sun might seem nearly impossible. It doesn’t have to be, though! You need a rash guard. One of the great things about these incredible swim must-haves is that they can be incorporated into your active summer wardrobe in an almost endless amount of different ways. They’re awesome for swimming, hiking, and hanging out by the pool, and they’ll protect you from a sunburn, too. Even better, they’re chic and stylish, meaning that you’ll be able to look and feel your best while you’re protecting yourself from the summer sun. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to style our rash guards into everyday active looks.

How to Style a Rash Guard for the Beach

For swimming or splashing around at the beach, wear your rash guard over a matching bikini or one-piece bathing suit. That way, your bust will be supported and you’ll be ready to dive in at a moment’s notice. You can even find women's rash guards with a built-in bra if that better suits your active lifestyle. For extra coverage from the sun, try wearing a swim skirt or board shorts instead of bikini bottoms. If lounging in the sand is more your style, pair your favorite rash guard with a pair of swim cover-up pants or a flowy skirt that keeps you safe from the sun without weighing you down with heavy fabric. Pair this look with a chic sun hat or foldable sun visor to protect your face and you are ready for a day by the sea.

How to Style a Rash Guard for the Pool

If you’re walking to the pool, put on a swimsuit and your favorite jean shorts. Finally, throw on your rash guard, grab a beach towel and head out the door. You’ll be safe from the sun and covered enough for a quick trip to the store if you like. Rash guards are especially nice if you spend most of your pool time in the shallow end with the little ones. Instead of splashing water up onto your arms when your skin gets too toasty, splash with confidence knowing that you won’t have to break out the aloe vera as soon as you get home.

Guys can toss on a pair of swim trunks with their rash guard for men. If you like surfing or another water sport where you don’t want extra fabric getting in your way, try swim briefs instead. Complete your ensemble with flip-flops or sandals and a stylish set of shades. Thanks to the quick-drying material of Lands’ End swimwear, this pool look can easily transition from water to restaurant if needed. You also won’t have to worry about soaking the seats of your car!

How to Style Your Rash Guard for a Hike

On a hike, wear moisture-wicking shorts with your Lands’ End rash guard to stay cool and comfy even on the hottest summer days. The soft, stretchy material won’t chafe or irritate your skin, even during a steep climb, and will be ready for a quick dip in the lake if you need to cool off. Pair your outfit with some athletic socks and comfortable hiking or athletic shoes. Add a heavy layer of sunblock and a wide-brim hat that casts a shadow over your face and neck while you hike, and you’re ready for a day out at the state park with the family.

Rash guards are also great for camping trips because you can substitute them for any t-shirt you would wear on a daily basis. This saves you room in your backpack or duffle bag for much more important things, such as snacks and s’mores supplies. When you can pack rash guard bathing suits for everyone in the family, including the kids, that saves you a lot of space. They are also great because of how quickly they dry; you can toss them back into your bag after a quick swim instead of either waiting however long it would take for your clothes to dry or risking getting everything else in the backpack soaking wet. With a rash guard for kids, everyone in the family can benefit from the same convenient sun protection you've been loving for years.

Taking Care of Your Rash Guard

After a long day of summer fun, don’t immediately throw your women's rash guard swimwear into the washing machine with your other clothes and towels. The best way to make sure that your swim shirt stays in tip-top shape is to hand wash it with a mild detergent once you are done wearing it. After rinsing, let it air dry and it’ll be ready to wear again soon. If you can’t hand wash your rash guard right away, let it soak in the sink until you’re ready to wash it with detergent. That way, it won’t dry with chemicals or sand in it.

So, on your next beach, hiking, or pool trip, don’t forget to pack your rash guard. If you love yours, you should get them for your whole family. There is no easier way to keep yourself and your family safe from sunburn this summer!


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