What to Pack for Your Spring Getaway

What to Pack for Your Spring Getaway

Fewer things are more rejuvenating than a long-awaited spring getaway after a harsh, cold winter. The fresh air, the beautiful landscapes, the excitement of visiting a new destination … there are so many reasons to look forward to spring vacation. However, you can’t go on a vacation without preparing for it first! Packing can feel like an overwhelming process, but with a little guidance, it can actually be quite seamless. In this post, we’ll let you in on a few key things you should remember to bring for your upcoming spring getaway.

A Lightweight Sweater

It may be spring, but in many climates, the weather can be quite fickle this time of year. It may be 75 degrees and sunny in the afternoon, but still a bit nippy in the morning and evening. Play it safe by packing at least one lightweight sweater. Wear a sweater over a base layer so you can remove the sweater if it gets too hot throughout the day and you don’t have time to stop by your hotel or vacation rental to change. You can stylishly fashion it around your waist or over your shoulder when you don’t need to wear it.

A Couple of Cute Dresses

You’re on vacation! The most important thing is to pack clothes that are ridiculously comfy, but total comfort doesn’t mean you have to abandon good style. Pack comfortable, stylish dresses you can wear throughout the day if you are touring a new city, visiting a museum, or checking out art galleries in a quaint town. A colorful cotton dress is a good choice because it’s stylish, but the breathable cotton fabric will make it oh-so-comfy to wear. In addition to one or two casual, flowy dresses, pack one special occasion dress if you plan to eat out at an upscale restaurant or spend the evening at a concert or other formal event.


If you are going anywhere tropical, a cute swimsuit is an absolute must. Even if you are just traveling to a destination and staying in a resort or hotel with an indoor pool, you will need at least one swimsuit packed in your suitcase. For a tropical destination, pack at least two swimsuits, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach or in the unfortunate, unlikely scenario that you lose one of the swimsuits. If you are spending a lot of time outdoors by the water, you may also want to bring additional swimwear pieces and accessories like a beach cover-up and a wide-brimmed hat. You can’t forget to keep your skin protected in the sun!

Comfortable Footwear

Whether you plan to do a lot of walking or not on your spring getaway, you should absolutely have at least one pair of comfy, supportive shoes. The footwear you decide to bring on your vacation will largely depend on what you are doing during your time in a new destination. Staying in a beautiful resort by the beach? You may only need a pair of chunky flip-flops or cute sandals. Heading to the woods for a cabin getaway? Pack a pair of sneakers and hiking boots. Planning to visit a city? You will definitely want comfortable walking shoes. And finally, if you are going to a location where you plan to dress up, pack a pair of heels or dressy shoes to go with your outfit.

Personal Belongings and Toiletries

We have put a lot of focus on various clothing items to bring on spring vacation, but we can’t forget to mention personal belongings. Make a checklist of the things you know you will need. It will be different for everyone, but some key items everyone needs when heading to a new destination are extra cash, credit cards, ID, personal medications, and toiletries like toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, and bath products. If you are traveling internationally, bring a charging adaptor, a portable charger for your phone, a passport, extra copies of all your important documents, and a refillable water bottle.


The accessories you bring on your spring getaway will depend on the destination. Going somewhere warm and sunny? Pack sunglasses, a hat, and beach attire if you are heading somewhere tropical. Doing a lot of walking or hiking? You can never have too many socks. Spending your spring vacation doing rugged, outdoor activities like riding ATVs or hiking? Pack any of the gear you need for sporty activities. Remember to check out the scene in the destination you are visiting to know if there are any nearby stores where you can pick up items you forgot to pack.

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