What is Cottagecore?

What is Cottagecore?

Incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic into your wardrobe for an on-trend style that’s also enduringly classic. Cottagecore—also known as farmcore and country core—is a fashion trend featuring apparel you might wear while baking bread or picking wildflowers. Think floral prints, flowy fabrics, and pretty details like ruffles and lace. Even guys can get into the cottagecore trend, thanks to the many cozy men’s sweaters and flannels you’ll find available.

If cottagecore sounds like an appealing fashion style for you, check out these tips and outfit ideas for women and men:

Cottagecore Looks for Women

Women’s dresses are a must-have for the cottagecore look. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a midi dress or maxi dress—either length can work for this fashion style. If you choose a mid-length dress, look for one in an earthy color or floral motif. You can add cozy flair with a cashmere cardigan layered on top or even a chunky cotton cardigan with a relaxed fit. Boots work well with this outfit, especially when you choose a slouchy style in a tan or brown tone. Tiered maxi dresses also fit into this aesthetic and look stylish on their own or under a women’s cardigan sweater.

When putting together a cottagecore outfit, skirts are also a great choice. You can wear midi or maxi skirts depending on your preference. The good thing about skirts is that you can mix and match them with different women’s blouses to create plenty of looks. As with dresses, tiered maxi skirts are a good addition to any cottagecore wardrobe. Knit midi skirts are another option, or you can even choose a skort. Skorts provide the coverage and modesty of shorts with the look of a skirt, so they’re perfect to wear for cottagecore activities like berry picking and baking.

Even women’s pants can be incorporated into a cottagecore wardrobe. Pleated trousers are a good choice for this look, as they have a retro-inspired style that pairs with women’s blouses and other tops. Any type of women’s pants can be dressed up with a ruffled blouse or one with a bow at the neck. But a cotton button-down shirt can work for this style too. Look for shirts in pastel hues and gingham patterns for spring and summer. In fall and winter, earth tones are always trendy and seasonal.

When it comes to women’s cottagecore accessories, keep things simple. Fashion scarves can be tied in your hair for a dreamy look or worn around the neck. Beaded necklaces and bracelets have a boho-inspired style that fits into this aesthetic. Play around with different apparel-and-accessory pairings to find what works for you.

Cottagecore Looks for Men

A good place to begin when creating a cottagecore wardrobe for him is with the right men’s pants. Chinos are one style that works well with this aesthetic—especially when you choose a versatile khaki color. As with women’s pants, pleated men’s pants fit the cottagecore aesthetic. You can accessorize with a brown leather belt, then add a collared shirt and sweater vest to complete the look.

Men’s blazers can also be considered cottagecore when worn with a plaid vest, white Oxford shirt, and bow tie. Choose earthy hues like camel and brown over classic black when putting together a cottagecore look. Most any men’s sweater fits into this aesthetic—you can choose a solid color or preppy print like argyle.

The men’s cottagecore look emphasizes rustic, earthy hues and classic prints. Men’s jeans can be worked into a farm-inspired outfit and pair well with men’s flannel shirts and cardigan sweaters. When it comes to men’s footwear, the most important aspect is choosing a neutral color that complements the pants and shirt. Men can wear boots or dress shoes with a cottagecore outfit.

There are different directions in which men can take this fashion aesthetic. Jeans, a turtleneck, and a flannel shirt are a casual, rugged interpretation. Slacks and sweaters have a dressier look, although they can also work for casual days.

Where to Wear Cottagecore Outfits

This fashion style is more versatile than you may think. You can wear cottagecore clothing to the office—especially if you keep the look subtle. For example, a floral-print top can be worn with a blazer and skirt or slacks for a cottagecore vibe. Flowy maxi dresses for women can be dressed up for work with a cardigan or blazer and dress shoes.

Cottagecore outfits are an excellent option for weekends too. You can wear these looks for almost any outdoor activity, whether you’re strolling through a park or working in the garden. To make the most of your cottagecore wardrobe, choose pieces that are machine-washable for easy care. Supima cotton is an excellent fabric for cottagecore apparel—it’s soft, strong, and colorfast for lasting vibrancy.

Now that you know more about the cottagecore fashion trend, it’s time to shop. You may have pieces already in your wardrobe that can be used to create this style.


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