What are board shorts

What are Board Shorts?

Board shorts are a type of men's and women's swimwear that appear more like casual clothing than a swimsuit. They are a great option for someone who wants more coverage than a traditional swimsuit. The shorts are loose-fitting and typically knee length without the netting that swim trunks sometimes have. Board shorts are generally made of polyester or nylon material, which allows them to be waterproof and quick-drying. Originally designed as a bathing suit for surfers, they have gained popularity among both men and women.

How Should Board Shorts Fit?

When shopping for board shorts there are two factors to consider—waist size and length. The fit of the hips is usually not a factor in board shorts because they are meant to be more loose-fitting.

What to Wear Under Board Shorts

There are several options to choose when it comes to what to wear underneath board shorts. Typically, they are worn without any underwear or swimsuit, however, some wearers prefer to have a little extra protection and support.

How to Wear Board Shorts

Board shorts are a great option if you enjoy water sports. They provide coverage from sun exposure while surfing, playing beach volleyball, or skiing. However, they are also a good choice for spending the day on the boardwalk, going for a hike, or just to put together a casual beachy look.

  • Boardwalk: When you are going to spend the day going from the beach to the boardwalk and back again, board shorts can be the perfect coverup. Pull your shorts on over your swimsuit, throw on a t-shirt, rash guard, or just leave on your swimsuit top, and you are ready to go to lunch, stroll along the boardwalk, or go shopping at your favorite beach-side shops.
  • Hiking: Board shorts are a good option when hiking. They are durable, dry quickly, and are comfortable. Pair your board shorts with a long sleeve rash guard and favorite hiking boots to be prepared for a day on the trail.
  • The Perfect Beachy Look: Board shorts can be the anchor piece for bringing the casual surfer look to any summer day – water not required. Grab your favorite board shorts, top with a fun summer t-shirt, and slip into a comfortable pair of flip flops.

Where to Buy Board Shorts

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