A Touch of Velvet: How to Wear the Softest Material Around

A Touch of Velvet: How to Wear the Softest Material Around

If you’re looking for a glamorous look without much effort, velvet delivers. With its soft, lush texture, you can make every day rock star status with a touch of velvet. You can use rich colors or fun patterns to enhance any look. As the center of attention or as a small accent, velvet brings your look to life. Let’s dive into how to style velvet for any occasion.

Dress It up for the Weekend

hen it comes to a night on the town, anything goes. Velvet makes a great statement piece for a fancy night out. With anything from staple women’s dresses to a bold jumpsuit, you’ll be looking lux and fabulous in velvet. Velvet suit pants are also an excellent option to give your outfit some extra flair. You can always use a mix of fabrics in your outfit, such as patterns featuring pieces of velvet for even more soft texture.

Velvet at the Office

Velvet textures aren’t just for a night out. In fact, there’s something timeless about a velvet suit jacket. The material is soft and warm, perfect for a drafty office building, but it also has style and flair that work well for a fashion-forward business exec. A more structured velvet suit coat looks highly sophisticated, while something a little more relaxed is perfect for the creative industry. Nail the look with a knee-length skirt or fitted suit pants. Alternatively, if you’re bold and brave, you can go all out with a complete velvet suit. Pair this with a light, silky top for maximum impact.

Glam on the Go

Thanks to its soft, cuddly nature, velvet also works wonders for an everyday outfit. You have the freedom to wear as much or as little as you’d like. You can accessorize with a velvet headband or scrunchie. Alternatively, you can wear a velvet tank to add a bit of texture to your everyday outfit. Keep your look casual with your favorite pair of jeans or even leggings. If you’re feeling daring, use intriguing patterns with velvet such as a worn floral pattern on a blouse or tank. The point is to use velvet in a way that enhances your look, bringing texture and intrigue into your personal style.

Accessorize and Accent

If you can’t commit to a full velvet outfit, use this soft material as an accent piece. Velvety booties pair well with a pair of skinny jeans. Velvet hair accessories can dress up even the most casual looks.

Another option is to grab a velvet handbag. The added texture gives magic to any look. Scarves are another great way to introduce velvet. The soft material keeps you cozy and warm, while also bringing a layer of lushness to something as simple as your favorite pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. There are countless ways to accessorize with velvet.

Use Complementary Materials

As much as we love velvet, you can overdo it. Instead of pairing velvet on velvet, think about other lux materials that are lighter to complement the heavier element of velvet. For example, wear a velvet suit jacket with a lacy women’s short-sleeve blouse. Lace, satin, and silk all go well with velvet. The result is a sophisticated look with luxurious, complementing textures. Combining velvet with a simple cotton T-shirt works well, too, if you’re looking to dress down a velvety look. The light, casual appearance of the T-shirt equalizes the lux, heavy feel of velvet. The point is, you want to balance light, airy fabrics with the heavy, cozy velvet and avoid bulking up your layers too much.

Perfect Wardrobe Staples

Say hello to the new, velvety little black dress. Get bold and grab a staple velvet suit or a mid-length skirt made of velvet. Your favorite wardrobe staples deserve a makeover, too, and velvet is here to help. You can mix and match your wardrobe staples with velvet accessories or upgrade to an all-velvet look of your favorite pieces. Either way, you’ll get that luxurious texture that looks beautiful, too.

Overall, velvet is a timeless fabric that brings interest to any look. You can wear it out, where it in, or pair it with a few of your favorite pieces of clothing. We love the versatility of a balanced, velvety feel with lighter fabrics. It’s all about looking fabulous and playing with textures to create a beautiful look that screams you.


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