Unexpected Places You Can Wear Flannel and Fit Right In

Unexpected Places You Can Wear Flannel and Fit Right In

If you are like most people, when you hear the word “flannel,” you may think of 90’s grunge or taking a day trip to the farm. However, flannel shirts have become such a beloved fashion staple over the last couple of decades that it’s safe to say it isn’t going away any time soon. It can also be noted that flannel is more versatile than most people realize, and it’s a clothing style that can be worn for more than one occasion. In this post, we will look at a few unexpected places you can wear flannel and fit right in.

To a House Party

Are you getting together with friends for a get-together in your home or theirs? Planning a casual, fun night of wine-drinking, music, and enjoying the balmy weather outdoors? If you want to put together a fun, trendy, laidback outfit, flannel is your friend in this situation. It’s a relaxed look but can be styled in incredibly trendy ways. Simply tying your short-sleeve or long-sleeve button-up flannel in a knot can give the shirt a totally different look. Accessorize with a black denim midi skirt and a pair of white alligator boots. This look is great for a party at home or for going out.

The Going Out Flannel Dress

Since we are on the topic of going out, if you want a super cute outfit that’s perfect for an evening of sipping wine at that trendy new lounge or a memorable night with your girlfriends at your favorite dance spot, try incorporating flannel into your look. If you have a long, oversized flannel, try wearing it as a dress. You can also accessorize it with a belt, and if you don’t have a belt, grab a second flannel shirt and tie it around your waist. For footwear, anything goes. If you want both style and comfort, throw on a pair of white sneakers or designer sneakers. If you love boots, most boot styles go well with flannel. You could also try the flannel dress look with a pair of heels. Want to try this look during the fall or winter when the weather is a bit chilly? Throw on a long coat and layer up on the bottom with leggings or stockings.

To The Office

As we have mentioned throughout this article, flannel can be worn in a very trendy way. If you like to be both fashionable and presentable at the office, there are ways to achieve that with a flannel shirt. Pair a thick, oversized flannel shirt or pullover with a pair of statement pants, like salmon-colored straight leg jeans. If you want to try something different with your footwear, opt for slide-on sandals with a slight heel. The quintessential fall vibe of the plaid pullover with the stereotypical spring look of the slip-on sandals will contrast each other in quite a stunning and visually appealing way.

To The Gym

Flannel may seem like an unusual clothing article to see worn in the gym. But if you want to create a unique gym outfit, try using flannel as an outerwear layer. Instead of showing up to the gym in a sweatshirt, opt for a thick, oversized flannel pullover instead. Pair it with brightly colored tracksuit pants or a pair of bike shorts. Remember to wear a base layer like a sports bra or an athletic workout tank so you can take your flannel off when you start to work up a sweat.

To Your Favorite Brunch Spot

Meeting up with friends for Sunday brunch? Why not style your outfit with a flannel top? And yes, you can wear a flannel to brunch during any time of the year, including summer. To achieve a 70’s vibe with your outfit, pair a flannel button-up with light blue mom jeans or flared leg jeans. Finish the look with black leather ankle boots and a crossbody purse.

To a Concert

If you want to put together a fun, edgy, but undeniably comfy outfit for an outdoor summer concert, wear an unbuttoned flannel shirt over a basic white tee. For the bottom, opt for dirty wash jeans or light wash ripped skinny jeans. To maintain the laid-back “California cool girl” look, finish off the outfit with a pair of white tennis shoes and dramatic, black sunglasses.

To The Airport

The airport is yet another place where most people want to arrive stylish, yet comfy. After all, no one wants to wear something uncomfortable on a long flight. To create a chic, stylish, casual airport outfit, wear an unbuttoned flannel shirt over a white tee or white tank top. Tuck your shirt into a pair of khaki shorts and accessorize with a black belt.

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