Tunic Guide - How to Wear a Tunic

Tunics Guide – What They Are and How to Style Them

Over time, tunics have become increasingly popular and are now an essential piece to keep in your wardrobe. So how can you easily spot a tunic, and what are the best ways to wear them? When styled correctly, they have the ability to add balance to any ensemble. Are you on the fence about whether or not to snag one of those tunic tops you’ve been eyeing? Take a look at our tunics guide to help you make your decision!

What is a Tunic?

Simply put, a tunic is a piece of clothing that goes from the shoulder to somewhere in between the hips and the knees. Tunics originated in ancient Rome and were an article of clothing that was worn by both men and women. It was a piece that was worn every day, making it a basic item for people of the time. It was also common for tunics to be very plain in nature. Today, however, tunics are primarily worn by women and are available in an extremely wide variety of colors, patterns and lengths. 

Is a Tunic a Dress or a Shirt?

Many people wonder if a tunic is a dress or a shirt. Our answer is, it depends! Like we mentioned before, a tunic can fall anywhere between your hip and your knees. So one tunic would be better styled as a shirt with pants or a skirt, while others feature a longer length that would look fantastic with a pair of leggings or even worn by itself! It all depends on the women’s tunic top as well as their own personal preferences.

How to Wear a Tunic

So now that you know what a tunic is, what are some of the best ways to style it? With so many different tunic styles to choose from, there are a number of different ways that you can wear it to help you look and feel your best. Take a look at some of our favorite go-tos!

Warm Weather

For warmer weather, we recommend going with a longer tunic that you can wear as a dress. Pair it with some fun sandals and perhaps a lightweight scarf and you’re good to go! You could also pair a petite tunic that has a shorter hemline with a pair of shorts, or even a mid-length skirt to keep things nice and breezy for those warm spring and summer days.

Cold Weather

Tunics are a great piece to keep on hand for colder weather as well. Pair your favorite longer tunic with a pair of comfy leggings and some boots for an effortless cold weather look. Put on one of your go-to women’s cardigans for some added layers. It’s also easy to pair a shorter tunic with a pair of jeans and a thick, chunky scarf to help you stay cozy and look cute.

Dress It Up

Tunics are known for being pretty comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be dressed up from time to time! Intentionally styling the right kind of tunic can make for the perfect ensemble for a night out or special event! For example, choose one of your favorite tall tunics with a longer hemline and pair it with a pair of heels, a statement necklace or perhaps some pearls. It’s easy to look your best and stay comfortable the entire evening.

Keep it Casual

Just as simple as it is to dress up a tunic, it’s incredibly easy to put together casual outfits using your favorite tunics. A breezy tunic worn with your favorite pair of leggings or women’s jeans is the perfect ensemble for any everyday activity. Whether you’re needing an easy outfit to throw on so you can go to the store or you’re needing something to help you feel put together for a full day of work, you can always rely on tunics to make things simple for you.

Use the Right Accessories

Incorporating the right accessories can really complete any ensemble, especially when it comes to tunic tops. If you’re wearing a tunic with a lightweight cardigan, you might consider wrapping a women’s belt around your waist to gather everything together and give your outfit an extra layer of dimension. Additionally, many tunics feature a unique neckline. Pairing your tunic with a necklace that has the right length adds symmetry to your outfit. This can be incredibly flattering and pleasing to the eye.

So as you consider what closet essentials you want to include in your wardrobe, don’t overlook tunics! Between their comfort and the incredibly diverse ways that they can be styled, it’s hard to say no to a tunic.


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